Food for thought
In recent years, many companies – especially SaaS companies – realized that creating a great software product, which can be purchased online and implemented easily from a technical perspective, doesn’t necessarily mean customers will get optimized results when they use it. Plus, it’s no longer just easy to buy and try these products – it’s...
Heavy equipment manufacturer Rotobec finds Salesforce Desk integration gives service staff the ability to aid sales efforts across 35 countries. SQDM share an article published by the TechTarget portal, demostrating benefits and gains obtained upon integrating customer service data with sales information and strategy. 
Customer service is arguably as important as sales in the enterprise when it comes to maintaining and expanding the business; here’s how analytics can help.  
SQDM share an article published by portal TheStreet, sharing strategic progress on CRM systems and Artificial Intelligence. Salesforce held a small group meeting of less than 60 people at its headquarters in San Francisco last week where it announced that Einstein AI is now available to all its customers across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more,...
Software testing is hard enough, but without adequate and appropriate equipment, it’s unrealistic to expect accurate results. SQDM share an article published by TechTarget, sharing strategic thinking on software testing practices. 
Sales managers are constantly trying to squeeze more revenue out of sales reps, but these tactics can be counterproductive SQDM share an article published at TechTarget gathering new insight on an all-time favorite of IT sales -the forecast.
The message from the MIT CFO Summit: Get out of the office and embrace change. SQDM share an article published by the TechTarget Portal detailing cultural change at a major global company.   
Salesforce CPQ enables companies to automate and streamline pricing. Here’s why that may be beneficial for your organization, as well as a couple of challenges to note, by Eric Borthwick.
It’s tempting to think software testers just need technical chops. Of course they do, but that’s not all. Columnist Jennifer Lent explains what else you might need.  SQDM share an article detailing key competences required in top software testers.  
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