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We bring value to our clients through the integration of automated solutions and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies (IT). With SQDM you can connect your business and make objective decisions that generate differentiation and higher productivity. We are your IT ally.


Boutique of services and solutions
in information technology.

An IT company focused on the customer.
We support with innovation the technological transformation of companies to meet the demands of today's market.
Our CRM consulting and implementations are done with the best practices in the platforms chosen by our clients according to their needs. SQDM is currently a partner of the leaders in CRM technology - Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics - You will be able to know your customer and take them through the entire sales process in an agile and unified way.
We have at your disposal a versatile toolbox (BPM - IPA, RPA) to improve, optimize and automate processes and workflows in your company. With our technological solutions in Intelligent Process Automation we ensure success in the execution of tasks and generate real value for your business by automating your processes.
Generate value in your organization by integrating your digital channels (applications - best of breed -, data and people). The commercial channels of your organization must be always connected, to move forward agile obtaining a simplified administration, from a single platform for the management of your business with access from anywhere.
In our Software Boutique we are able to develop any IT requirement that is requested in an optimal way. SQDM's software factories allow you to simplify administration and reduce your design, training and maintenance costs. More than 15 years designing software tailored to the needs of our customers, join us!
With SQDM you can rest assured when your development is released to production. We accompany every aspect from requirements gathering, through static, functional and technical testing, ensuring the quality of your product or service with the highest standards and quality levels using a comprehensive and meaningful approach to obtain an exceptional development and documentation.
Committed to digital transformation and technological change we develop innovative and monetizable products and solutions that are at the forefront of the industry to solve specific business problems. At SQDM we evolve decision making and data utilization with artificial intelligence and go one step ahead in creating satisfying customer experiences.

Partners and allies

We have several business partners that make SQDM a company with a broad spectrum of action to provide IT solutions and digital transformation of companies.
Partner - SQDM
Partner - SQDM
Partner - SQDM
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Partner - SQDM
Partner - SQDM
Partner - SQDM
Partner - SQDM

Boutique of information technology (IT) solutions and consultancy.

Nuestro portafolio integral permite ofrecer soluciones (Productos y Servicios TI) de alto nivel en el sector de las Telecomunicaciones, sector Financiero, Sector Educativo entre otros. A través de la innovación y de la evolución constante, apoyamos los procesos de transformación digital brindando experiencias automatizadas, unificadas y siempre centradas en el Cliente. SQDM es su aliado TI, más de 15 años generando confianza y negocios más conectados.

We are your partner in digital transformation

Take your business processes to another level with us: that is what the true digital transformation of organizations and businesses is all about. Get to know your customer and how you should take them through the sales process based on the data and knowledge you already have, using data analysis tools that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to achieve your goals, whether they are sales or improve flows.

Telecommunications Sector We have more than 15 years designing technological solutions for the telecommunications sector. We are leading specialists in this industry and we have been present in the development of most of the companies in the sector in the country. Financial Sector We have had a very important experience in the development of applications, automations and all kinds of processes for banking in the country. Undoubtedly it is a mature service together with the telecommunications sector in SQDM. Education Sector We are transforming the education sector by providing advice and implementing user-friendly technological solutions that are easily accessible to all, enabling institutions to remain at the forefront and overcome the challenges that current conditions place in front of us. Other Sectors We are able to contribute to any type of industry through customized developments. We have implemented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions demonstrating that we go a step further in the digital transformation of companies and industries, in addition to having an extensive and important portfolio of business partners.

Product and technology boutique

Products created with the passion and mission to design, write and code customized solutions not only for our customers, but for yours.

ADA Telecommunications management CrediFlex Provides a quick solution to your PQRSF requests. EasyFlow
Request management ExpressEnroll Agile management for customer linkage
Gescon Management of public contracts InstaCovid Diagnosis of COVID-19 with X-rays KeyContract Control and follow-up of the contract preparation process Pensiónate The app that simulates the retirement pension in Colombia in an agile, easy and safe way. PQRS Lite Streamlines the handling of customer requests, complaints, claims and suggestions. ProCrédito Credit for everyone Risko OFAC List Query Solution Servibot Intelligent customer service

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    We bring value to our clients through the integration of automated solutions and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies (IT). With SQDM you can connect your business and make objective decisions that generate differentiation and higher productivity. We are your IT ally.



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