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Information Technology Services and Solutions Boutique

An IT company focused on the Customer.
We support with innovation the technological transformation of companies to meet the demands of today's market.
CRM - Customer Engagement en nuestra empresa

CRM - Customer Engagement

Our CRM consulting and implementations are done with the best practices in the platforms chosen by our clients according to their needs. SQDM is currently a business partner of the leaders in CRM technology – Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics You will be able to know your customer and take him through the whole sales process in an agile and unified way.

BPA - Process Automation en nuestra empresa

BPA - Process Automation

We have at your disposal a versatile toolbox (BPM – IPA, RPA) to improve, optimize and automate the processes and workflows in your company. With our technological solutions in Intelligent Process Automation we ensure success in the execution of tasks and generate real value for your business by automating your processes. 

Integración - SOA en nuestra empresa

Connected Business - SOA

Genere valor en su organización mediante la integración de sus canales digitales(aplicaciones – best of breed -, datos y personas). Los canales comerciales de su organización deben estar conectados siempre, para avanzar ágilmente obteniendo una administración simplificada, desde una única plataforma para el manejo de su negocio con acceso desde cualquier lugar.

Desarrollo a la Medida (Software Factory) en nuestra empresa

Custom Development (Software Factory)

In our Software Boutique we are able to develop any requirement (IT) that is requested in an optimal way. SQDM software factories allow you to simplify the management and reduce your design, training and maintenance costs. More than 15 years designing software tailored to the needs of our customers, join us!

Quality Assurance (QA) en nuestra empresa

Quality Assurance (QA)

With SQDM you can rest assured at the moment that your development is released to production. We accompany every aspect from the taking of requirements, through static, functional and technical tests ensuring the quality of your product or service with the highest standards and quality levels using a comprehensive and meaningful approach to obtain exceptional development and documentation.

Machine Learning en nuestra empresa

Machine Learning

The databases contain valuable information for organizations. The statistical studies of such data, allow SQDM to develop products that guide the making of objective decisions, well aligned with the objectives of your company. With Machine Learning we go beyond the technological transformation of the organizations we advise, solving business problems with Artificial Intelligence.

Information Technology (IT) Solutions and Consulting Boutique

Our integral portfolio allows us to offer high level solutions (IT Products and Services) in the Telecommunications sector, Financial sector, Educational sector among others.  Through innovation and constant evolution, we support digital transformation processes by providing automated, unified and always customer-centric experiences. SQDM is your IT partner, more than 15 years generating trust and more connected businesses.

We are your ally in Digital Transformation

Take your business processes with us to another level: that is what the true digital transformation of organizations and businesses is all about. Know your customer and how you should take him in the sales process from the data and knowledge you already have, using data analysis tools that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to achieve your goals, whether they are sales or improving flows

Telecommunications Sector
Financial Sector
Education Sector
Other sectors

We have more than 15 years designing technological solutions for the Telecommunications sector. We are leading specialists in this industry and have been present in the developments of most companies in the sector in the country.

We have had a very important experience in the development of applications, automations and all kind of processes for the banking in the country. It is undoubtedly a mature service together with the telecommunications sector in SQDM.

We are transforming the educational sector by providing advice and implementing technological solutions that are friendly and easily accessible to all, keeping institutions at the forefront and overcoming the challenges that current conditions pose for us.

We are able to contribute to any type of industry through custom developments. We have implemented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions demonstrating that we go one step further in the digital transformation of companies and industries, in addition to having an extensive and important portfolio of business partners.

SQDM News - Blog

We are at the forefront of technological innovation and it is a pleasure to be able to tell you about it.

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what our clients say

Thank you all for trusting SQDM
  • Our Sales Cloud implementation process was fun, smooth and delivered on time. We are grateful to have teamed up with Eric Borthwick and SQDM for this project – their knowledge and guidance has been invaluable. A thousand thanks!

    C & K Switches
    C & K Switches
    Sales Cloud Implementation
  • SQDM and its team very quickly understood how Skyworks uses Salesforce and that it differs widely from other customers. I’m excited to work with this team.

    Skyworks Solutions
    Skyworks Solutions
    Implementation of 'Chatter
  • SQDM has been an incredible business partner for our company – they configured Salesforce CRM to our exact specifications. This has enabled us to generate sales, increase customer retention, and have more accurate commission payments to both sales executives and outside agents.

    Commission Calculation and Reporting
  • It has been a pleasure to work with SQDM; from the first conversation we had they were honest and told us exactly what the deliverable would be. It is almost never seen that a consultant promises little and delivers more than expected – yet this is exactly what SQDM did.

    Epoxy Technology
    Epoxy Technology
    Integration of Great Plains ERP with Dell Boomi
  • After having contacted SQDM, we had a fluid and sober process. SQDM has actually exceeded our expectations and has surpassed the level of their deliverables in different areas.

    Gartner Inc
    Gartner Inc
    Migration from Portal to 'Communities'
  • SQDM did a great job, listening to what we wanted to do and quickly implementing a complex development. They showed with their attitude that our guidelines and requirements could be achieved; they are very good!

    Sales Cloud Implementation
  • Excellent project management – we were informed in a timely manner of the adjustments to the original plan. SQDM worked within our budget and their response has been excellent – all in all, it has been a wonderful experience that I would strongly recommend to other clients!

    Momentun Telecom
    Momentun Telecom
    Merge of Organization
  • By far, SQDM has been the best implementation team our organization has ever worked with. They have given us a great deal of experience – we highly recommend SQDM for any Salesforce.com project/implementation your organization is considering.

    Steelbrick CPQ Implementation

SQDM Partners and Allies

We have several business partners that make SQDM a company with a wide spectrum of action to provide solutions in IT and digital transformation of companies.
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