Five ways Salesforce CRM can change the way you engage with your customers

The relationship between customers and companies has changed over the years and the arrival of digital communication further accentuated this trend in which people not only seek to buy a product or a service, but They are also worried about the experience companies provide them in doing so. Companies prefer to find solutions that help improve the relationship of their businesses with customers and that, at the same time, boost their sales. Salesforce is the most comprehensive tool on the market to achieve this goal of growing as an organization hand in hand with exceptional service for consumers.

Salesforce is a CRM, customer relationship management solution, which gives companies a comprehensive vision of the life cycle that each person has in the different interaction channels. This platform bases its actions on the constant linking and interpretation of user information, obtained in different spaces such as social networks, newsletter registrations, the websites they visit, among others.

Through Salesforce, all that information is linked, systematized, and made available for the different work areas of companies to interpret and develop strategies that aim to improve the consumer experience. For businesses, be they digital or physical, these actions focus on 3 vital areas: sales, customer service, and marketing.

If you’re still wondering what kind of specific actions I can take with Salesforce, here are 5 ways this CRM can help improve the way you engage with your customers.

1. Improve customer service

One of the premises of efficient sales is based on the speed of attention, because there are many offers and sites where you can find certain products or services, that is why the speed of response in the different channels Attention is essential to make an effective sale. With Salesforce we will be able to have an almost real-time response that guides the buyer in an automated way during the process, and even, know when the intervention of the marketing team is needed.

Additionally, with Salesforce, companies can determine post-sale communication channels, based on customer preferences, that will improve the consumer experience; This can be achieved through the sending of emails, SMS messages, or telephone calls in which offers are shown, surveys are carried out or the quality of care is valued, allowing these responses provided by users to feed and update the database. of data to generate subsequent interactions.

2. Integrate your customer information

As Salesforce knows and interprets the information of each person who quoted, bought, or was interested in any of the products or services of a certain company, this CRM can show work teams in which conditions the specific service cycle of each consumer, to subsequently take effective actions depending on the situation.

The essential element of the information analysis is that Salesforce offers personalized metric reports in real-time for each client and each lead, which allows knowing consumption habits that can be useful to offer services that are in tune with their needs and that be useful. Undoubtedly, these data will help the company’s sales to be more effective and profitability improves.

3. Automate tasks

Time is an asset that companies must increase their productivity, in many cases knowing how to optimize it allows improving the internal processes of each company. Salesforce can generate automatic actions for operational tasks that can be important, but time-consuming. For example, sending emails with reminders to collaborators, clients or suppliers is one of them.

With Salesforce you will be able to automate certain tasks that are based on the information stored in the platform, making it possible for work teams to focus on other actions without worrying about some that are more operational.

4. Connects the work teams of the companies

Internal labor relations will flow in a more agile and effective way thanks to the information provided by Salesforce, which, being systematized in the same space in the cloud, allows the different work teams to access in real-time updated reports that come from other areas of the company. Using Salesforce will no longer need to be burned out preparing meeting reports, which will be out of date in a couple of weeks due to the speed at which data and consumer behaviors can change in digital spaces.

In addition to having internal communication tools that achieve greater synergy, speed of interaction, and traceability between work teams.

5. Develop targeted marketing campaigns

This is one of the most prominent features in Salesforce due to its ability to attract new customers and thus increase sales. Knowing how to reach your target audience is essential to avoid wasting resources. With Salesforce, a company can have accurate information on each process. For example, if a lead entered the platform, looked at an item in the catalog, and then abandoned the purchase halfway through, you can do a remarketing action by showing that same product on the social network they use the most and at their preferred time.

If you want to know more information about the benefits that Salesforce CRM can bring to your company, go to and receive the best advice directed by experts.

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