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As the automation of marketing and sales strategies gains importance among today’s companies, SQDM shares an article from the Techtarget portal where they study “Five must-have functions in a marketing automation platform” that exposes criteria to be taken into account when automating such processes.

Different technologies are available to assist companies in designing email campaigns, automating messaging, obtaining more detail about prospects, managing sales leads, cultivating their social presence and measuring their digital social media activity.  Not all business marketing platforms interact properly with customers and prospects and then debug and digest – also properly – those interactions.  If your company is looking for a marketing automation platform, here is a list of features you should consider before signing your licensing agreement.

1. Multichannel Marketing Automation.  Multi-channel marketing as a whole is critical for businesses that want to interact with their customers, regardless of the channel they choose to do so – email, text messaging, social networking, live chat and other channels.  Other features associated with this initiative include:
– E-mail distribution
– Integration with online and offline channels
– Integration with your CRM system
– Real-time alerts

2. Management and Qualification of Leads.  Lead rating tools allow marketing teams to apply different values to their prospects, according to how ready they are to make a purchase and to apply sales efforts to the most promising leads.   When a lead enters the marketing automation platform, it is scored according to activities – search engine behavior, clicks made on an email your company sent, etc.  Lead scoring allows for better communication between marketing and sales, in addition to an automated communication thread.  When a lead’s score reaches a certain threshold, it is considered ready-to-buy and is automatically assigned to a sales executive for immediate follow-up.  Other features associated with this initiative include:
– Lead segmentation
– Campaign enrichment
– Membership management

3. Content marketing and management tools.  These tools allow your company to create content and reuse it in multiple campaigns or different channels.  They also help you create landing pages for visitors to your website and allow you to customize content for different segments of your audience or prospects.  Other features associated with this initiative include:
– Content creation and inbound marketing tools
– Website activity statistics
– Landing page management
– Analytical data of campaigns

4. Social media management tools.  With management and monitoring tools, you can monitor the comments that customers and prospects make about your company, products and services to place that data in your marketing automation platform or in your CRM.  Your company can also target personalized content, schedule automated social media publications, and incorporate response data into your systems. Other features associated with this initiative include:
– Social media analytics
– Form and survey tools

5. Analytical data.  They provide enormously important capabilities for obtaining information about customers and prospects.  Analytics allows you to track the behavior of visitors to your website, in email campaigns and even data from phone calls and other non-digital media.  As mentioned above, analytics allow you to evaluate the attitudes of your customers and prospects towards your brand, products, services and social channels.  Other features associated with this initiative include:
-Marketing Analytical Data
– Data Management

Read the full article here.
For more than 10 years SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has served countless companies with professional consulting services on process automation initiatives, through BPM and CRM strategies.  SQDM is an official business partner of leading vendors in the world market including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and AuraPortal.

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