Companies and large corporations cannot be indifferent to the Digital Transformation that invades every corner of social and cultural life. In SQDM we are aware of the reality that surrounds us and that is why for 11 years we have been offering consulting services to sectors such as finance, insurance, trust and telecommunications entities in...
Many companies in recent years – especially SaaS-type companies – realized that creating a great software product, which can be purchased online and easily implemented from a technical perspective, does not necessarily mean that customers get optimized results when using that product. In addition, today it is not only easy to buy and test these...
As the automation of marketing and sales strategies gains importance among today’s companies, SQDM shares an article from the Techtarget portal where they study “Five must-have functions in a marketing automation platform” that exposes criteria to be taken into account when automating such processes.
SQDM’s BPM strategy allows the precise measurement of the variables that your automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes. BPM is linked to the performance objectives supported by such business processes and at the same time it addresses the technology used to make...
Forbes Media has chosen the Oracle Marketing Cloud to take advantage of new digital channels to increase its paid advertising revenue. The scope of information presented by the Oracle Marketing Cloud data management and analysis platform will allow Forbes Media to assist its advertisers in increasing the reach and level of engagement among their audiences.
Microsoft and General Electric have announced a recent partnership in which GE’s Industrial Internet platform will be made available on the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud.  Through these technologies, companies around the world will be able to bridge the gap between the operational and information technologies that make up the Internet of Industrial Things.
The change management implemented by SQDM is part of a service transition process that makes up the general model of IT Service Management. The main objective is to minimize risks in the operation, guaranteeing the continuity and availability of IT services when implementing any type of change in the applications and/or infrastructure of an organization.
SQDM shares the TechTarget article: “IoT applications in the food chain
SQDM is pleased with the recognition made by Gartner Consulting to our business partner AuraPortal, highlighted as “One of the best kept secrets in the iBPMS market” during the Gartner BPM Summit 2015 event held in March in the city of London.
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