After the boom of new technologies and the amount of information that exists in the cloud, it is necessary that financial institutions, who collect so much information and must store much more, have secure systems and process integration software, which keep under high standards of protection each of the data of all users. SQDM talks...
Many companies in recent years – especially SaaS companies – have realized that creating a great software product that can be purchased online and easily deployed from a technical perspective does not necessarily mean that customers will get optimized results when using that product. Moreover, today it’s not only easy to buy and test these...
SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal reporting important developments in infrastructure in the public sector.
SQDM shares an article published in Auraportal’s blog “How to become a Digital Company: Strategy and Technology” written by José Noguera.
Salesforce CPQ in the Services Cloud expands data integration strategy SQDM shares an article by Eric Borthwick reporting the new customer data integration capabilities available through Salesforce CPQ in the Service Cloud.
As the trend of a connected everything moves forward, enterprise architects must ensure their organization keeps pace. Here’s what to expect in SOA during 2016.

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