What is the step-by-step process with AI like? Here we tell you

Every day that passes, human activities in different fields of life have more influence in the digital world, which is why companies and industry, in general, have found in Artificial Intelligence (AI) one of their best allies to perform tasks that optimize quality, reduce execution times and increase profits. The economic development of businesses has found in AI processes the most efficient way to boost their growth.

Although AI has come a long way in the industrial field of contemporary human beings, there are still many companies that do not fully understand how AI processes work and therefore have not understood how their use could undoubtedly benefit the way their companies operate to improve customer service processes and, therefore, their finances. 

SQDM, a company with more than 16 years of experience in state-of-the-art technological solutions, exists to solve all kinds of doubts and to accompany you in these cases, making it the fundamental ally that you and your company need to implement IA processes, improve your financial numbers and optimize work processes in your company. 

SQDM has at your disposal a versatile toolbox that adapts to the particular needs of each company regardless of the business field, product, or service offered. The technological solutions offered by SQDM are focused on AI processes that generate automated and intelligent solutions through Machine Learning, which is the ability of computers to store and understand patterns of behavior based on supplied data.  

Machine Learning is a theory that originated in the mid-twentieth century when the American computer scientist Arthur Samuel developed a checkers game that learned every day to improve its game thanks to the data obtained as he played real games. In short, this is the best didactic explanation we can offer to understand the functioning of Machine Learning, machines or computers that find specific behavior patterns that serve the interests of their creator, or in this case, of companies, without being programmed directly to perform the task.  

The advent of the internet and the extensive development of digital technologies have allowed humans to optimize everyday tasks to make our lives easier. If in the first industrial revolution the backbone of change was the steam engine, in the fourth industrial revolution it is computer data. In the commercial sector, these processes have expanded the scope of action of companies thanks to telecommunications and the possibilities of reaching more and more people worldwide.

Business processes are now turning to the use of data to serve or acquire new customers, improve communication and marketing processes, predict customer behavior or analyze the best way to offer products, all with the help of AI processes. 

The AI process services offered by SQDM start from the reality of a hyper-connected society through mobile devices; in these connections, there is data coming and going in the clouds, Machine Learning collects this useful data, organizes it, and puts it at the service of your company helping to manage factors such as service, sales, and marketing process. 

The possibilities offered by Machine Learning are endless and can be tailored to the particular needs of each company. All this is thanks to the fact that data are numerical resources that we can store and then develop an algorithm to study them and make the best decisions. 

Let’s take the example of a company that sells cell phones and wants to know what is the best time to offer a new cell phone to their past or potential customers, the AI process generated by Machine Learning will evaluate factors such as birthdays, when they bought their current cell phone, at what times of the day they consume more information on digital devices and finally collate the data to obtain a personalized result that will show what is the best way to offer the product to each potential customer and at what times of the day.

It should be clarified that the arrival and development of AI processes and in this specific case of Machine Learning do not arise as options that take jobs away from the workers of a company, on the contrary, they enhance and improve their processes whether sales, service or marketing, because they give them more inputs to make sales or information to obtain a greater number of customers, something that in the end will be reflected in the profitability of each company. To learn more about this and other related topics, visit our website SQDM and our blog where you will find more useful information for your company or business.

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