Connect an entire company in the cloud with Dell Boomi

The challenges and advances in digital technology make it increasingly necessary to integrate applications that optimize times and the usability of platforms, and ultimately the very efficiency of any type of business. In the digital world, data is essential when managing the work of teams work through channels hosted in the cloud. Dell Boomi is a new platform that allows, precisely, to improve the tuning and connection of the digital infrastructure of any company.

Dell Boomi is an integration solution that facilitates business management thanks to the appropriate interaction it generates between the different work areas, all under the same logic that stores data and information that will make both internal and external processes carried out in the organization, thus impacting the relationship with customers and suppliers, but also the coordination between the members of the work teams.

If we start from the example of analog technology to exemplify the functions that Dell Boomi allows us to integrate, we have to remember that a few decades ago electronic devices were completely independent and did not have interaction channels: if we wanted to take a photo we should have a camera if we wanted to make a call should have a phone at hand if we want to save a portrait we should have an album or film of development if we want to send a message, we should have fax.

The cell phone came to integrate all the services mentioned above and make the procedures infinitely faster and more effective. Now we can take the photo, send it, call or write to the person who is going to receive the photo, view or store the same photo on a device.

Something similar happens with the services of the Dell Boomi platform that integrates the various functions of an organization in the same place, thanks to its storage in the cloud, something that gives us the freedom and comfort of accessing documents, databases, information, among other things, from anywhere in the world, and everything, regardless of whether you are from a cell phone, tablet or computer. One of the clearest examples of cloud storage is digital social networks or CRMs like Salesforce.

The Dell Boomi data integration platform works thanks to a cloud service integration that is achieved by directly intervening in the digital architecture through three functional steps. The first step to configure the Dell Boomi platform in each case is based on building and designing the navigation maps within the platform thanks to the AtomSphere function that allows generating an intercommunication between each step of the process, configuring a logic between each element of the site. This functionality is accomplished on the Dell Boomi platform through a drag-and-drop system of item icons to specific desired locations within the site.

The second step to develop a website in the cloud through the Dell Boomi platform is to deploy the services in a function called Boomi atom that allows giving a specific execution to each element located in the navigation map designed in the first step. Finally, the third step of the process is based on managing and monitoring that the function established in each element of the site works correctly within the navigation map established in Dell Boomi.

The main feature of this new tool is that all interactions and activities that are generated on the site will be supported by servers in the cloud, giving it a plus in terms of usability. Through Dell Boomi, each company will be able to better manage their processes and thus improve their profitability, since less time will be needed to carry out management activities and better results will be obtained.

It should be noted that the only company that has the authorization to sell licenses for the Dell Boomi platform in Latin America is SQDM, a company that specialized in consulting and advisory services in digital processes. The success of these digital management processes is based on understanding and analyzing the dynamics of each organization and from there being able to provide specific solutions to real problems that each company has with its digital management, such as the Dell Boomi platform.

If you want to know the complete SQDM portfolio, visit and discover all the digital tools, in addition to Dell Boomi, that will give a boost to the proper functioning of your company, all to optimize processes that generate greater profitability and productivity.

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