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SQDM shares an article by Godard Abel, SVP and GM, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, featuring Salesforce CPQ available on Service Cloud Lightning – now service agents are an extension of your sales team!

We are excited to announce today that we are extending Salesforce CPQ for Service Cloud Lightning.  Now sales and service agents will be able to offer customers a hassle-free shopping experience, using the same CPQ technology that has empowered companies to close sales faster than ever before.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is part of the sales generation process in any B2B business; it is the transversal process that covers the revenue side of the sales lifecycle – from the moment a channel or sales/service agent configures a product or service, through costing, creating a commercial proposal, to its execution.  Very often, companies manage their quotation processes either with manual tools such as spreadsheets or through in-house developed CPQ systems that are costly to create and maintain and result in a slow or error-prone quotation process.  Outdated systems can reduce productivity and can deliver a bad experience for customers.  However, a modern, streamlined CPQ system like Salesforce CPQ can resolve all of these issues.

By taking the Salesforce CPQ solution to Service Cloud Lightning, we’re enabling companies to achieve even more benefits in a CPQ system.

CPQ in the Service Cloud Lightning brings quoting capabilities to service teams, allowing sales agents to cross-sell appropriately at any time during a service interaction.  It also empowers service agents to edit contracts and to create and submit professionally designed proposals.  By allowing service agents to use CPQ technology, the number of members empowered to sell is expanded; this gives sales agents more time to develop new business, also making the buying process easier for customers.

CPQ and Order Management debug orders and allows you to split a quote into several orders.  Without this functionality, it becomes very complex to manage a high volume of transactions or make changes to existing orders.  Now, for example, it is easier for companies to assign different shipping dates to the same order.

CPQ Product Bundle Upgrades makes it possible for sales agents to offer new products, service upgrades or service packages to their customers in one simple step, transforming a process that may normally require several steps.  Now, Salesforce allows service agents to increase or decrease service bundle quantities and update prices, all in one step.

Prices and availability
Salesforce CPQ is available today, with licenses starting at $75 per user, per month.

Read the full article, here.

For years, SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has advised a number of companies with professional consulting services on CRM strategies.  SQDM is an official business partner of Salesforce and a leading consultant in the design and implementation of Steelbrick solutions.

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