Companies are changing their sales dynamics and therefore preparing their sales teams to trust data as well as intuition. In this way, it invites companies to believe in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Today we will show you how an automation software product that supports the company’s advertising offers breakthroughs in data analysis.
The impact of technology has meant that companies and large corporations can streamline processes and, at the same time, innovate many of their techniques and ways of doing things in the work environment. Today it is possible to observe situations that just a few years ago were unimaginable, technology has favored work and will continue...
New technologies are offering companies and businesses the possibility of streamlining internal and external processes. For example, the development of software has allowed the personalization and the possibility of having systems that will respond to the needs of each company and large multinationals so that much more successful work can be done, achieving objectives of...
Companies that have to carry out different internal processes in order to deliver large orders or distribution orders in huge quantities require tools, methods and Custom Software Development that allow them to achieve business objectives. SQDM, as a leading company in the sector and with more than 11 years of experience, talks to you about...
Customer service is possibly as important as sales itself in a company when it comes to maintaining and expanding a business; here is how analytical information can help.
Sales managers are continually trying to extract more revenue from sales executives – such tactics, however, can be counterproductive. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal that provides a fresh perspective on that great favorite of IT sales – the forecast.
SQDM is pleased with the recognition made by Gartner Consulting to our business partner AuraPortal, highlighted as “One of the best kept secrets in the iBPMS market” during the Gartner BPM Summit 2015 event held in March in the city of London.
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