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Customer Engagement

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Today, buyers or customers expect to have a “perfect” experience when interacting with a brand or any area of an organization. The use of CRM and the correct automation of data based actions (through a Customer Engagement strategy) can manage the interaction and actions from any channel where your lead is located, constantly improving their experience and creating value for your business.

Leads y clientes -- CRM

Consolidate the information of your leads and clients in a centralized space (CRM). Keep available in real time and in any authorized device, the information of the contacts, prospects, leads, sales opportunities, accounts and others, for all the members of your organization.

Organizar datos -- CRM

Use the ability of a CRM to organise data and create sales funnels, so you can deliver the right message at the right time. Also, personalize that message and make your prospects ambassadors of your brand.

Recogida de datos -- CRM

Collect information that adds value to your brand, bearing in mind that the most important thing in collecting personalised data on each client is to be able to analyse it in detail in order to make the right decisions.

Previsiones de datos -- CRM

Give your sales team real time information, so that with data based forecasts they can make the best decisions for the benefit of your company – this is the magic of a CRM!

CRM - Customer Relationship Management​

We believe in the importance of actively accompanying and helping customers at all stages of their life cycle through the use of customer relationship platforms.

SQDM offers solutions supported by more than 10 years of experience in the market having as commercial partners world leaders in CRM technology. We have a tremendous portfolio of innovative solutions in Customer Engagement, with which you can process data in real time about the behaviour of your leads or customers, how they perceive your brand, the satisfaction they feel, and finally, the taking of actions for their loyalty (generating happiness and repurchase).

Thanks to SQDM’s extensive experience and knowledge, we can guide your company to fully connect with your clients, in all commercial stages, using your current CRM – Customer Engagement platforms or implementing a new solution from scratch, tailor-made.


Business partners since 2014 in the ISV and Consulting category, we develop products in the clouds of Salesforce achieving applications for all industries.

As of 2020 SQDM decides to join as a business partner of Vlocity (a Salesforce company) seeking to optimize business results in the Insurance and Telecommunications industries.

We have a commercial alliance with Microsoft for 15 years. According to Gartner, Dynamics, together with Salesforce, are listed as the leaders in CRM technology.

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