Dell Boomi, the importance of using an integration platform

The untimely arrival of the Coronavirus led to the accelerated transition of many human activities from the real world to digital spaces that are accessible to everyone regardless of their location. This is most clearly reflected in business and academic organizations that were forced to continue their existing processes from virtuality, and to generate new processes completely thought to be executed from digital. Dell Boomi is a platform that integrates and helps companies, universities, and other organizations to develop their processes from the digital infrastructure.

It is that one of the most important challenges that organizations of any nature have is to integrate workgroups and teams in the most efficient way so that the closeness with which the members worked in person is not lost and is the one that takes advantage of some possibilities offered by digital tools. Precisely, Dell Boomi is a tool created to meet those needs and provide process management solutions, all this using digital as a vehicle for integration.

But how does Dell Boomi work for sure? This platform designed by the American multinational Dell was created in 2001 to integrate and unite different processes in the nascent reality presented by the internet industry. Its function is to link management and communication systems through nuclei that can vary according to needs. Dell Boomi is a platform that works completely through the cloud, something that in practice facilitates processes and supplies.

If we think of Dell Boomi in a real way, we could place ourselves in a room in which there are different writers occupied by people who have tools such as printers, pens, staplers, stamps, and others. Their function is to write, organize, manage and send documents, that is why they are in that specific room and that is why they have the necessary implements at hand to carry out their work. This is how the Dell Boomi platform works, being the living room, the implements, and the communication vehicle of the group members. If the process has flaws at some point, changes can be made in the chain and the processes optimized, all to the benefit of the group.

Being fully hosted in the cloud, Dell Boomi is made lightweight and easily accessible for anyone who wants to enter the core system and be part of the process. Even the processes do not necessarily have to be internal, between members of work teams, but through Dell Boomi, it is also possible to carry out external procedures for customer or user service who will only have a device with internet access as a requirement. The main novelty of this type of digital relationship is to break down the spatial-temporal conditions that limit face-to-face processes since users will be able to access services at any time of the day and from wherever they want to be connected.

The non-static integration character is one of the great benefits that the implementation of Dell Boomi brings since the platform understands that the processes are diverse and changing, which gives added value to the integration since its adaptation is infinite and can vary depending on your specific needs.

These benefits and diverse options that the implementation of the Dell Boomi platform brings generate real benefits in terms of cost reduction and profitability for companies, so it is also worth mentioning this condition that all organizations seek, whether of a business nature, academic, or any other. Improving processes by investing less money is a goal in any organization.

In Latin America, the only company that has the sales and distribution license for the Dell Boomi platform is SQDM, a company dedicated to helping organizations improve their digital processes through personalized consultancies in which the conditions of each user are analyzed to provide you with specific solutions based on real needs. In its portfolio of solutions is not only the development of the Dell Boomi platform but other services that aim to optimize the use of digital tools, data, automatic assistants, and other options within the branch of Artificial Intelligence for more optimal internal and external processes of companies.

If you want to expand your information on the Dell Boomi platform or learn about SQDM’s comprehensive portfolio, go to and discover the possibilities you must grow a company with effective and experienced advice.

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