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Dell Boomi

Dell boomi is an integration platform (iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service) in the cloud that allows the connection of data and applications, through drag and drop interfaces (just drag and drop to create processes at high speed) that was previously known as Unifi Software. When it comes to integrating data in an agile and versatile way, Boomi is a solution that allows you to reduce efforts and investment to keep your business connected (Connected Business).

Productividad - Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi Integration platform has a high level of security, which increases the reliability and trust perceived by the user within the tool, decreasing implementation times and reducing to a fraction the investments required to have a world-class solution, translating all of the above to increased organizational productivity.

Herramientas de integración - Dell Boomi

Another important aspect of Dell Boomi is the Dell cloud integration tools that boomi has available for all hosted data to be managed within a common interface, using low-code, functional and high usability.

Partners únicos - Dell Boomi

We are the only partners in Latin America authorized to sell licensing in addition to the implementation of Dell Boomi. We have developed many implementations through Boomi with great results for business organizations in sectors such as communications, education, finance and other types of companies that have a common denominator: to grow and advance in the process of digital transformation through innovation.

A large Colombian university with 110,000 students upgraded its systems from Middleware (software that allows the integration of communications between applications in an organization) to Dell Boomi.
This Ivy League university uses Boomi to accelerate IT modernization, performing integrations in a quarter of the time required with legacy middleware.
An institution of higher education, committed to the highest standards for its student body, has completed more than 180 integrations with Boomi, including connections to Workday.
Flinders is using the Boomi platform to enrich and optimize student experiences, from recruitment and onboarding, to graduation and alumni relations.
The Australian university uses the Boomi platform to power its students' digital journey, helping students focus on their studies instead of administrative paperwork.
The higher education institution modernizes its IT architecture to provide on-demand courses and assessment materials to more than 19,000 students in over 100 countries.


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