6 key steps for a successful Software Development process

Certain process that implies the development of software in Colombia, requires a special structure of organized steps that allow to obtain a product software highly safe and that responds to its enterprise needs and like company.

SQDM as a leading company in the sector and with presence since 2005, has been characterized by providing a safe and perfectly guided service, that is why today it gives you 6 steps that you should know when developing custom software.

#1.- Requirements analysis

It is a requirement for a successful software product because while customers know what the software has to do; it takes skills and experience from a team that knows software engineering to recognize those incomplete, contradictory and even ambiguous requirements.

The respective analysis is reflected in the document where the structure can be defined by various standards. Likewise, an Entity/Relationship diagram is established where the main entities that will participate in the development of software are shown. This also includes the capture, analysis and specification of requirements to achieve final objectives.

In SQDM as a software factory, we focus on the essentials of responding to the requirements of each project on time, under proven quality standards.

#2.- Design and architecture

The design and architecture will take into account how the software will work without going into detail. That is to say, it is where considerations of technological implementation such as the network, hardware, etc. are incorporated. Of course, the Use Cases must be determined in order to correctly cover the functions that the system will perform. It is thanks to the design and architecture that a model close to goal-oriented programming is achieved.

#3.- Programming

This can be catalogued as the stage of the process with the greatest complexity and duration since it is perfectly linked to the different programming languages used. Here it is necessary a team of professionals who know the sector and, of course, a software factory in Colombia that responds to your programming requirements.

#4.- Tests

This is possibly a point that can never be forgotten during the development of business software, do you know why? The tests are those that allow you to identify and check the tasks indicated in the specification, when this is not detected in time, your clients and suppliers will be able to do it first and simply, your software development in Bogota will have had irreparable failures, maybe.

#5.- Maintenance

During this stage of the process, the software is maintained and improved to deal with errors discovered during testing and to schedule new requirements. Maintenance can take a little longer than during the initial development of the software. That is, about 2/3 of all software engineering is related to maintenance.

However, an expert software development company that knows the subject and is a specialist in everything related to the sector will know how to overcome this stage so that times will always play in your favor.

SQDM is a software factory in Colombia that has been characterized by providing solutions focused on high quality because the developers concentrate their time on higher value activities and are familiar with the automation of their activities throughout the development life cycle of their applications. We provide quality, improved productivity and consistency.

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