Do you know what SQDM Quality Assurance consists of?

The acquisition of software for the improvement of internal and external processes in companies must be supported by a team of professionals who guarantee and ensure quality or customer relationship management. Do you know how this is possible?
SQDM talks to you about it and presents you the software quality assurance service that only experts in the sector can offer you.

SQDM, a leading company in software development

With more than 11 years of experience in the sector, SQDM offers you solutions that focus on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in addition to allowing your company to be viewed from three critical angles.

– Market expansion
– Market retention
– Service provision

Desde esta perspectiva, es oportuno mencionar que SQDM es una empresa experta pues no sólo nos hemos quedado en presentar un servicio de fabricación y personalización de sistemas para que usted llegue a sus clientes de manera oportuna, sino también nos interesa poder brindarle calidad en desarrollo de software gracias a un aseguramiento de calidad que le permite encontrar errores en su software antes que sus clientes o competidores lo hagan.

From this perspective, it is appropriate to mention that SQDM is an expert company because not only have we stayed in presenting a service of manufacturing and customization of systems for you to reach your customers in a timely manner, but also we are interested in providing quality in software development thanks to a quality assurance that allows you to find errors in your software before your customers or competitors do.

How do we achieve this?

#1. We perform static tests:

An exhaustive review of requirements documents is carried out where, in addition, designs are evaluated to determine if they are correct for your specific case. With this, it is possible to carry out a technical review and completeness of baselines with the great objective of being able to determine a static test.

#2. Non-Functional Tests:

They are those where the performance of the applications is evaluated at the level of performance and software performance. SQDM recommends you to avoid bottlenecks in order to optimize the operation in real and timely scenarios to reach your customers in an optimal way.

Non-functional tests include:

• Load Testing, Stress Testing, Stability Testing, Peak Testing

#3. Safety Tests:

Your customers want their information to always be secure and good software will guarantee it. In SQDM we know this and thanks to the quality assurance we understand that the information is one of your most valuable resources. Therefore, today you can keep your information protected against internal and external attacks thanks to our security tests.

#4. Functional Tests:

With this option you will be able to verify that the applications or solutions developed for your company comply with the specific functions for which they have been created and designed. This is how SQDM manages to deliver different types of tests that will help you examine the acceptance, usability, compatibility, integrity or failures of the software implemented in your business.

#5. Test Automation:

From SQDM we know the importance of assuring quality in each of the systems and methods implemented for your company. That is why the automation of tests is offered with the great objective of helping you to minimize human intervention, while achieving time and money savings to carry out your internal and external tests.

We are experts in the sector

Because not only do we offer quality and support in each of our processes, but we are also the ones who help you place your customers at the center of your business when new technologies allow you to build closer relationships with your users.

Today we offer you a Quality Assurance service that allows you to have enough software testing to examine and, at the same time, improve your software development and implementation practices. More than 70% of our team is ISTQB certified and we have spent more than 200,000 hours in testing.

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