Find the errors in your software before your customers do, do you know how?

Undeniable is the importance that information systems take for different companies focused on financial services, mining, telecommunications and even those who provide services. That is why the software they use must have very high quality standards that allow the optimal development of the company’s activities, those focused on internal processes or external processes that are aimed at customers, suppliers and other members of the chain.

However, when there are failures, the latter may notice it earlier, presenting problems and possible delays in procedures. SQDM talks to you about this so that you find the errors first and make the valuable adjustments in a timely manner.

Software errors are more frequent than you think

The diversity and constant contact with computers requires people and large companies to have advanced development systems where the intervention of human skills is unlikely and although it is believed that software and these types of advances are infallible, the truth is that they can count on errors and failures (more than you might think)

In this sense, it is necessary to clarify that a bad system design, in addition to inadequate standards or bad programming practices, will lead to failures in each of the results, meaning economic or technological losses.

However, all this is possible thanks to the support of a leading company and expert in the software manufacturing sector that also offers the possibility of improving the experience of its customers thanks to solutions focused on Business Process Management (BPM), Application Integration based on Flexible Architectures (SOA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In SQDM we are that company that offers you answers, support and Quality Assurance so that you can find the errors before your customers or suppliers, thus avoiding headaches.

SQDM: experts in software manufacturing and quality assurance

With more than 7 years of experience in the sector, SQDM is a business partner of large manufacturers such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle. Besides this, it is integrated by professionals certified in ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board); this is how you will achieve goals in the quality of your software:

· You can identify software errors before your customers do or successfully drive mission-critical applications into production before your competitors take the lead.

We have spent more than 200,000 hours in tests in projects developed for large companies in Colombia. Among the tests for your company we can offer:

· Verification of the applications or that the solutions comply with the functions for which they have been created.

· Evaluate the performance of your applications at a performance level with the great objective of optimizing the operation in different real scenarios.

· Perform requirement document reviews, design evaluations, as well as technical and completeness aspects of baselines.

· Minimize human intervention, ensuring that your company saves time and money in the execution of the tests.

Our experience allows you to secure your software development systems and with it, we guarantee to recognize errors before your customers and competitors so that they work ideally and respond to your business needs.

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