Is the demand for QA jobs growing?

The demand for software QA experts is high and seems to be growing.  SQDM shares the TechTarget article on QA trends in software development.

Are software QA jobs in demand? It’s hard to say, but in recent years the advent of mobile applications has overwhelmed existing QA departments and defined budgets for software development. QA may have been overlooked simply because there is so much to cover. End customers end up dealing with errors and many end up with significant dissatisfaction. Many other companies end up frustrated after trying to automate their test cases using products with user interfaces, due to the weak nature of such interfaces and given the need for constant change.

During these last two years, there has been a change in the jobs offered in Software Quality Assurance. Many application development providers are hiring manual testers to replace automated testing. Manual testers are in demand and so are the skills to automate software development. Maybe this is the “agile” time where collaborative work styles are merging QA and software development work? Many teams realize that development automation is most efficient when executed by a group of people who know how to write software code. It can be as simple as companies wanting to do more with less and this is one of the ways to achieve such a goal.

A trend has been noted where customer groups are hiring manual testers instead of QA providers. Surely this reflects quality and trust or it may be the reality that customers are not able to get enough end users to thoroughly test the developments, before a product is accepted. This is a good idea, especially in industries with complex software testing regulations or integrated messaging systems. The QA profession is in the midst of a revival and this is a very good thing.

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