Why use data platforms to strengthen sales teams?

Companies are changing their sales dynamics and therefore preparing their sales teams to trust data as well as intuition. In this way, it invites companies to believe in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Today we will show you how an automation software product that supports the company’s advertising offers breakthroughs in data analysis.

Salesforce Colombia and around the world, as a company that bases its software on the cloud, offers the possibility of quickly and easily configuring all types of systems. SQDM has the support of this great responsible company that provides CRM consulting, BPM and SOA implementation. Delivering customized technological solutions for companies focused on the financial sector, insurance, telecommunications, public and private services, logistics and compliance industries for over 7 years.

The dynamics are changing and your company must adapt, why?

According to Mike Kostow, who has worked at Salesforce for a number of years and is currently the vice president and general manager of Pardot, he refers to the future of marketing and focuses on Einstein, a Salesforce platform that features revolutionary business applications to help generate leads, add new customers and close transactions faster, make sales, provide services and market products with the great goal of achieving the integration of information systems within the company.

This is how Einstein and characterized by being a special platform that leaves sales aside and focuses on creating the customer experience, is responding to companies seeking an appropriate customer relationship management (CRM) as currently, sales and marketing can not work independently and disconnected because we are on a new path to capture new prospects and potential customers.

· The automation of processes and the Artificial Intelligence presents to the commercial areas the possibility of focusing on the most strategic aspects for the company.

· Purchasing dynamics and habits have changed due to the routes that buyers are taking.

· It is necessary to follow up new clients at the right time and to prioritize the work of the commercials so that they are fed with valuable information that only personalized software can respond to the needs of each company.

Salesforce’s Einstein platform allows you to look at and detail the information so you can make better, data-driven decisions, and at the same time, more intuitively reach the needs of each customer. At SQDM we understand these revolutionary technologies that have sought to put the customer first.

We have been innovating in the software manufacturing sector for more than 7 years and thanks to platforms like Einstein it is possible to provide the importance that customers deserve. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering customized technological solutions thanks to teams capable of implementing, customizing, integrating, training and developing applications. We work with the Salesforce product complement, which has CPQ expertise.

As experts we welcome the opportunity to contribute to multiply your investment and improve the productivity of your company and business.

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