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The statistics published by the American consulting firm Techwell (*Software Testing Profession 2015-2016), in its annual study about the evolution of the Software Testing profession, raise a promising scenario for all those interested in continuing their professional development in this area, with specific topics of specialization that are summarized in

Regardless of the optimistic outlook for professionals in this study, the results perceived by companies investing in this type of service are frankly poor.

This leaves a very wide margin where no improvements have been perceived or where even the quality has degraded. This situation, in a scenario in which the dependence on software and applications for sales, operation and customer service is increasingly deepening, makes software quality not an optional subject for organizations, but rather positions it as a matter of total relevance for business development.

Examples of the impact of software quality on corporations and customer service are seen daily, one of them, recently widely publicized in the media and social networks was the fall of the virtual branch of one of the largest banks in Latin America. Situations like this reduce the credibility of customers in the institution, affect the image and positioning of the brand, generate additional costs to their customers, can cause the loss of customers due to poor quality of service and in some cases could even become a cause of financial panic.

Corporations interested in continuing to improve their management results must evolve their control approach towards software quality assurance; concentrating their efforts on the development process and adopting a systematic vision of quality that expands their coverage to areas not previously considered, but critical in the final results, such as

  • Management and administration of development environments
  • Testing and production
  • Baseline management especially for version control of the solution being brought into production

Among the benefits of adopting quality practices in these areas are

SQDM has wide experience in the execution of Quality Assurance services, with a systemic approach, in diverse industries such as

If your organization faces challenges in issues related to the quality of your information technology solutions, contact us!

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