Guide for use a CRM, how to avoid mistakes?

Digital platforms have brought endless opportunities to companies to expand their commercial activity to the virtual field. It has even promoted the creation of other companies focused solely on e-commerce. Whatever the case, every digital venture that involves a sales cycle needs the help of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which is an assistant that helps to manage the relationship of companies with their customers, whether fixed or potential. These are based on obtaining, consolidating, and interpreting information based on which companies can develop more successful strategies.

Many entrepreneurs know that information in the digital field is an invaluable input since it allows us to know the habits of our public to provide them with a better service in the sales cycle, which does not end when a purchase is made, like any other. You may think since CRMs can help us to keep the clientele by providing them with information of interest to attract a new sale again.

It must be clear that there are different types of CRM and that they all focus on different objectives in the sales cycle. So, the main recommendation that we can give to an entrepreneur seeking the assistance of a CRM is that they first evaluate the conditions of their company before making any decision. Know how many employees you have, what types of services are offered, and identify the sales flows, as elements of value, that will help avoid mistakes.

There are several types of CRM, and they all focus on different actions, for example, the operational one serves to facilitate sales cycles and automate purchasing processes such as card payments on the website. The operational CRM performs a personalized intervention for each client and provides information to the marketing team to carry out specific actions that promote a sale. There is also analytical CRM, which focuses on systematizing and analyzing information and then yielding results on which marketing strategies can be based, for example.

The last CRM there is the collaborative one. Its objective is to provide a loyalty service that helps maintain the company’s clientele. Keeping this information in mind and comparing the needs of each company, the best decision can be made on how to use a CRM assistant without making mistakes.

Let’s take an example if there is an e-commerce that is just being born and does not have much budget, the most recommended is that you try to do a marketing analysis of your target audience with an analytical CRM or that it provides a shopping experience on the website that is comfortable for customers through the implementation of an operational assistant. If, on the other hand, we have the case of a consolidated company that focuses its sales cycle on fixed customers, the most advisable thing would be to make efforts to retain them through assistance assisted by a collaborative CRM.

Another fundamental aspect that you should be clear about when using a CRM is to visualize medium and long-term objectives, since a company may seek to change its approach in terms of its marketing strategy or some shortcoming that it has in another area. So, in that case, rather than trying to obtain immediate results, you could place a bet on actions that are reflected in a certain time.

If there is a company that has sales through digital channels and for some reason it does not have systematized the collection of information, it is almost urgent to start executing an assistance plan with an analytical CRM that first organizes the information and then gives input on how to use it. This is essential because marketing strategies must be based on real and accurate information to obtain better results.

One of the most important and complete CRM platforms on the market is Salesforce since it allows us to work in a transversal way in three important areas that every company with an internet presence must consider: sales, marketing, and services. This CRM provides companies with a panoramic view of the sales cycles of each client, directly influencing better customer service, efficient information collection, the correct execution of marketing strategies, among other benefits.

If you want to know how to take full advantage of the Salesforce CRM functions, we invite you to explore the website and learn how to take your company one step further in the digital world.

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