Integration and adaptation: the great challenges of digital technologies

SQDM shares an article published in Auraportal’s blog “How to become a Digital Company: Strategy and Technology” written by José Noguera.

Noguera affirms that we are facing a revolution that is based on a transformation of society, which manages a great amount of information that circulates at an accelerated speed and that changes the rules of the game continuously, forcing companies to act with agility in order to be able to modify their structures and even their business model.

Adapting to changes in consumers and new technologies is the great challenge faced by companies of any size or nationality.  These digital technologies must act in an integrated way with the processes that manage all the activities of the entity, and that flow coordinating all the actions that are carried out: Marketing, Customers, Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Logistics, Invoicing, Accounting, Payments and Collections, Technical Service, etc.

An effective solution recommended by Noguera is to use a Digital Platform of Intelligent Management by Processes (iBPMS) that, like AuraPortal Helium iBPMS, already offers integrated digital support, that automates the work through system tasks and connections with devices, etc. and that optimizes the work of the employees and externals that cannot be automated, by means of all types of devices, fixed or mobile and that, moreover, already brings together all the capacities that are needed.

Read the full article here.

SQDM has certified specialists in AuraPortal BPM technologies and strategies to precisely measure the variables that its automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes.

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