How does Artificial Intelligence optimize business processes?

For some time now, companies have realized that Artificial Intelligence has a real impact on business, since it promises improvements in efficiency and personalization in different processes.

SQDM, as an expert company that provides customized software development and counts on Salesforce solutions, talks to you about it so that you can count on the best in each field and your business efforts are intensified, thanks to the support of companies that integrate technology and use it to your advantage.

Artificial Intelligence for process optimization

In recent years more companies, retailers and businesses have shown interest in Artificial Intelligence due to the real impact it shows on business processes. Based on this truth, according to a survey of marketing leaders worldwide from CRM technology provider Salesforce and published in the eMarketer portal, companies expect to see improvements in efficiency and advances in customization in the coming years after adapting an artificial intelligence system in their companies.

  • Nearly 60% of respondents mentioned that they expect Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency of campaign analytics, digital asset management and business information collection through data and systems.
  • More than 60% of vendors imagine taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence to create their websites.
  • The same percentage expects the technology to have an impact on programmatic advertising and media buying.

Although the figures demonstrated in the study and analysis carried out, show that vendors, companies and businesses want to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize processes. A large company like Amazon has joined and has allowed digital processes to take over its virtual stores and have strengthened e-commerce, causing this type of channel to take hold.

Amazon implements its digital sales strategy, how does it do it?

A few days ago Amazon confirmed the purchase of the chain specialized in organic products Whole Foods in the United States, causing it to become a turnaround for its digital sales strategy since they allow the offering of more basic products such as food and meat online. This is how they improve the user experience, get closer to them and optimize company processes.

In contrast to the above, SQDM offers the availability of Salesforce’s e-commerce cloud in Colombia so that companies focused on retail can implement strategies in the digital channels. Thus, among the cloud’s capabilities, we can find Einstein, Salesforce’s own artificial intelligence that aims at improving the user’s shopping experience.

Meanwhile, Salesforce is the most prestigious business success platform in the market today, offering marketing capabilities through CRM, sales, after-sales, customer service, Apps, and recently e-commerce platforms.

SQDM is a Salesforce innovation partner and is one of the CRM companies in Colombia. It has more than 10 years of experience in the sector and its team of trained professionals can help you implement the e-commerce cloud to optimize your company’s sales processes.

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