The Internet of Things benefits the food chain

SQDM shares the TechTarget article: “IoT applications in the food chain
IoT -or Internet of Things in English- could become an optimizer for the food industry, from production to transportation and processing; this technology improves food safety, opening the possibility of ensuring quality in food shipments along the chain.  On the other hand, the IoT will be able to solve key problems such as contamination and delays in food shipments.

With the help of the Internet of Things, the supply chain will bring our food from the farm to the table in a more secure way.  Roger Woehl, Safety- Chain CTO, IoT expert, expects it to become mainstream by 2017; Roger says the next step is to implement the technology in predictive mode, before problems occur.  First, the industry will need to have enough data collected, stored and managed, so that we can apply device-learning and high-volume data analysis methods.

SQDM’s research and development area studies IoT applications in different areas and markets. Our customers may be benefiting from such research very soon. For more information, contact SQDM and find out how these technologies can better serve your business.

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