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Machine Learning

Let the data work for you.

It is undoubtedly our most innovative service, showing that we are a company that goes further in the context of technological transformation.

A good part of our differentiation is based precisely on being at the forefront and applying intelligent solutions, with state-of-the-art technology to solve our clients’ real needs. In this order, Machine Learning has been covering the market in a voracious way and some years ago we dedicated efforts to adapt to this trend.

Addressing issues and interpreting them from statistics, data and business, allows SQDM to develop products that guide objective and well aligned decision making with your company’s objectives. With Machine Learning we go beyond the technological transformation of the organisations we advise, solving the problems of the organisations with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Machine learning (AI)

We have developed our own line of products and services based on Machine Learning and the use of Artificial Intelligence. Today we have a differentiator in the market thanks to the advances in this field, which we make available to you so that you can make the leap to greater benefits through the use of your data.

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