Digital media monetize opportunities with Steelbrick CPQ

In an era when media companies are finding it difficult to monetize their online visits, the Politico portal reviews the quality of its visitors, rather than the quantity.

As a specialized news website, Politico wanted to maximize their growth during the US election cycle by selling ads and subscriptions to their portal. They decided to adopt the Steelbrick platform to optimize their Politico Pro portal subscription process. During 2015, since implementing the Steelbrick (Configure-cotice-propose) software, the site added 700 subscriptions-almost half of what they have garnered during their first five years on air. Politico has only existed online and one of their strategic goals is to attract new subscribers and advertisers with the use of lead-to-cash software.

Steelbrick streamlines the entire underwriting process for sales agents; instead of using a spreadsheet to coordinate rates, all customer data is brought into the Steelbrick platform, which in turn creates an IT environment where agents set the best rates and where they also apply discounts that are within pre-determined ranges and do not require management approval.  Read more about this news here.

For over ten years, SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has served countless companies with expert consulting services on CRM initiatives.  SQDM is an official Salesforce Business Partner and has helped many companies develop and implement their Steelbrick strategies.

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