Microsoft Captures Giant Salesforce Client: HP

SQDM shares a news published by Business Insider, where it is informed that Microsoft has signed a Dynamics CRM licensing agreement for six years with HP.

Dynamics is Microsoft’s CRM tool that allows a sales force to manage all interactions made with customers and prospects. It’s no surprise that HP indulges Microsoft in this way; HP, as a PC and printer company, was created after having split in two and is a highly Microsoft and Windows dependent organization for its PC line of business. The two companies have always been close partners in many different ways.

There is, however, one important detail; before HP split, the company was a prominent Salesforce customer. By 2012, HP had not only licensed the Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s CRM tool, but a whole range of Salesforce features and solutions. HP was one of the largest contracts Salesforce had that year; it became such a large customer at the time that it used Salesforce software on its own servers. Similarly, Salesforce was using HP hardware in its data center-a partnership that became known as the “Superpod. The two companies also turned that “Superpod” into an available product that could be sold to other companies.

Superpod should have become the domain of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, leaving HP Inc. free to acquire its CRM system from any location or manufacturer – and Microsoft won.

Microsoft has redoubled its efforts to compete with Salesforce, after its failed attempt to purchase Salesforce. The recent acquisition of LinkedIn-which Microsoft took out of Salesforce’s hands-enables greater robustness in CRM Dynamics. Similarly, Salesforce acquired Quip, a competitor to the Microsoft Office suite, reinforcing the rivalry between the two companies.

Read the full article, here.

For more than ten years SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has advised a number of companies with professional consulting services on CRM solutions. SQDM is an official business partner of world-class manufacturers in these technologies, including Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

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