You have probably wondered about your company’s performance and wanted to know strategies that would allow you to streamline and manage different processes that would also provide you with alternatives to get closer to your customers and automate your business strategies, is that right? Today, you can be sure that new technologies and software manufacturing...
After having bought 10 companies in 2016, analysts are watching the next step of Salesforce-whether it’s more acquisitions or more integrations.  SQDM shares an article published by the portal Techtarget, where they review possible avenues for Salesforce and for the technologies it has been acquiring.
The main message of the CFO Summit held at MIT in November: Get out of your offices and embrace change.   SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, detailing the cultural change in a large global company.
SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal relating important news in infrastructure in the public sector.
SQDM shares an article published in Auraportal’s blog “How to become a Digital Company: Strategy and Technology” written by José Noguera.
Salesforce plans to integrate HeyWire’s technology into its Services Cloud, opening up a new way of communication between companies and their customers. SQDM shares an article published on the TechTarget portal, detailing how Salesforce expands the reach of its communications to any instance or channel that the customer wants to use.
Salesforce CPQ in the Service Cloud Expands Data Integration Strategy SQDM shares an article by Eric Borthwick that informs about the new possibilities of customer data integration, available through Salesforce CPQ in the Service Cloud.
SQDM shares a news published by Business Insider, where it is informed that Microsoft has signed a Dynamics CRM licensing agreement for six years with HP.
As the trend towards a connected whole continues, enterprise architects must ensure that their organization keeps pace. This is what to expect in SOA during 2016.
In an era when media companies are having difficulty monetizing their online visits, the Politico portal is looking at the quality of its visitors, rather than the quantity.
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