New developments in OSS/BSS technologies for Telcos

SQDM shares Tom Nolle’s column on the changes that the telecom vertical is facing with respect to its OSS/BSS strategies.

New trends in the telecommunications industry are driving changes in OSS/BSSS (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) that generate a move towards automated systems and a management-as-a-service logic. Network operators confirm that the main trends in OSS/BSS systems and architecture are being driven by a service layer architecture and the need to manage customer experiences, rather than subscription-based services.

The OSS/BSS systems of the past, which supported human-generated provisioning processes, must now support the same dynamic, automated, software-based services.
Since the future model of customer relationships is to provision a connection/duct (OR a broadband connection) and then exploit this service with aggregated services/experiences, the telecom industry has a unique opportunity to automate this latter process and to contain rising operating costs to maximize its ROI. Currently, 65 cents of every dollar of a network operator’s revenue is spent on operating or administration costs.

The most significant trend in the telecommunications industry for OSS/BSS is the transformation of management from a separate layer to an element of service logic. The vision of a NGOSS-type contract reflects a service model where scripts describing the service behavior not only process service orders but cancellations, failures and changes, as well as other “Lifecycle” events.

The OSS/BSS systems of the future will be part of an ever-expanding layered service architecture and will gradually lose their current identity and focus. This will create opportunities for network operators, software and equipment vendors to generate new and relevant solutions that respond to emerging service challenges. It will also create risks for those who fail to recognize these changes and address them early.

For more than 10 years SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has served the telecommunications industry with world-class consulting on integration strategies, CRM and OSS/BSS. SQDM is an official business partner of leading vendors in these fields, including Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft.

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