SQDM shares Richard Hackathorn’s article, “Thing-Analysis Generates Business Value in the Internet of Things: Executive Perspective”.

Hackathorn says that companies create a variety of IoT use cases to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service and take advantage of innovative business opportunities. He also compares IoT to rabbit breeding – fun, easy and profitable! Once the infrastructure is established, the initial use case stimulates ideas and questions about product improvements and business opportunities.

At the same time, the author encourages executives to challenge their companies to expand IoT use cases from multiple uses and into new value-added service offerings. The good news for IoT business realization and momentum is that technology is improving rapidly and that existing IT infrastructure can be leveraged. This is why it is important to develop the creativity to implement innovations, as well as the willingness to accept them.

About Richard Hackathorn:
He has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry as a well-known industry analyst, technology innovator and international educator. He has pioneered many innovations in database management, decision support, client-server computing, database connectivity, data storage and business analysis.

Read the full Forbes article here.

SQDM’s research and development area is constantly studying IoT applications in different areas and markets. For more information, contact SQDM and find out how these technologies can better serve your business.

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