Heavy equipment manufacturer Rotobec sees how integration with Salesforce Desk gives its service team the ability to boost its sales efforts in 35 countries. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, demonstrating the benefits and profits obtained by integrating their customer service data with their information and sales strategy.
The main message of the CFO Summit held at MIT in November: Get out of your offices and embrace change.   SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, detailing the cultural change in a large global company.
SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal where Denis Pombriant, founder of the Beagle Research Group, discusses how Salesforce is inventing the future, while Siebel CRM tries to be part of it.  It also discusses how Oracle Siebel is a more versatile and better established product.
It is tempting to think that software testers require only technical skills.  Of course, that’s true, but that’s not all.  Jennifer Lent explains what other skills are needed. SQDM shares an article that details key competencies required in software testers.
SQDM shares an article published in Auraportal’s blog “How to become a Digital Company: Strategy and Technology” written by José Noguera.
SQDM shares an article by Godard Abel, SVP and GM, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, featuring Salesforce CPQ available on Service Cloud Lightning – now service agents are an extension of your sales team!
SQDM shares a Techtarget article where the integration of artificial intelligence to CRM systems is projected and the possible understanding and use that dark data can have at a business level.
SQDM’s BPM strategy allows the precise measurement of the variables that your automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes. BPM is linked to the performance objectives supported by such business processes and at the same time it addresses the technology used to make...
The problems inherent in software development are addressed by the architecture of a software factory, using design models, templates and domain-specific languages.
In an era when media companies are having difficulty monetizing their online visits, the Politico portal is looking at the quality of its visitors, rather than the quantity.
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