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Integration solutions and data economy

A connected business is one in which data flows between the different areas of an organization in real-time and is a reliable input in day-to-day decision making. SQDM creates technology solutions connected through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA – Service Oriented Architecture) that allow maintaining connected platforms, systems, or technologies within enterprise architecture so that they can be easily managed.

Caracteristica - SOA

Customer relationships with a connected business are long-term. This is because the business has relevant information on its preferences and tastes and anticipates its needs by applying analytical techniques and artificial intelligence on its most important asset, data.

Caracteristica - SOA

The borders of a connected business extend to where one of its customers or suppliers is using an Internet of Things (IoT) device, collects key data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is available whenever they are required in marketing, sales, finance or sourcing.

Caracteristica - SOA

Data is consistent regardless of the angle from which it is being consulted and analyzed, whether from a commercial, operational, financial, or human capital perspective.

Caracteristica - SOA

Connected business is resilient, ready to adapt to new realities and do it quickly, in a cost-controlled scheme.

Connect Systems, people and data

Generate value in your organization by integrating your digital channels (applications – best of breed -, data and people). The commercial channels of your organization must always be connected, to move forward agilely obtaining a simplified administration, from a single platform to manage your business with access from anywhere.

Positively impact your company’s operations and processes. Connect all the links within your organization and offer an omnichannel experience to customers and employees.

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Connected Business – Partners

Dell Boomi

We are an exclusive Partner Reseller for the entire region – Latam and leaders in Colombia. Boomi is a very agile and versatile platform when it comes to integrating data and systems, reducing efforts and investment to achieve integrations.


We have been an Oracle partner since 2009 in the GOLD category. Part of our experience with this technology has been focused on providing BPA services for the telecommunications sector, where we are benchmarks in the market.

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