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General context

Cornell University, an Ivy League school with 15 universities and schools in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, adopted a Cloud-First-based modernization strategy to create a digital campus connected for its 23,000 students and about 10,000 employees.

Led by the Group Cornell Information Technologies (CTI), the Modernization Initiative focused on the commercial objectives that included an improvement in administrative efficiency, reduce costs, and offer a collaborative learning environment for students and faculty.

He also aimed at fulfilling the high expectations of technology expert students, including digital native Gen Z students, to access the course materials and other information through desktop, mobile and social platforms.

The IT team faced an obstacle on the university’s trip to the cloud: I needed agile integration through new cloud applications and inherited systems that would remain in place within your hybrid IT environment.

The Middleware tool led in the facilities that the CIT had been using for integration was not scalable. It was not only a complex tool that required a lot of time, but also had high maintenance costs, it was incompatible with the variety of applications in the Cloud in the Cornell IT modernization process, and had problems with stability and running speed.

The IT team of the University evaluated different leading products from the Ipaas market among them Boomi in their search for cloud integration tools. Boomi was at the end that selected by its speed, ease of use, and integration capabilities to deliver a complete matrix of integrations needed to run in an IT hybrid environment.

Business results

The IT Group in Cornell is discovering transforming benefits in the integration of systems and the modernization of its academic, IT, and business processes from the adoption of Boomi. The native platform in the Boomi low code cloud has been fundamental for the CIT in creating a connected campus.

  • Development speed - Cit builds integrations in a quarter of the time required with its previous Middleware on-Prem - with only two developers.
  • Easy to maintain and monitor - CTI has eliminated problems trying to manage complex custom codes, and it has better visibility of your integration processes.
  • Accelerated execution times - Integration processes are executed up to 4x faster with Boomi compared to the previously used legacy platform.

Cornell’s IT team has also included Boomi in its university classes in data modeling, thus “integrating students” may have Hands-on experiences and enter the workforce as certified developers in Boomi.

Comments on the case

  • We build integrations with Boomi in a quarter of the time that took us before, and those integrations run three or four times faster than they ran on the previous platform.

    John Parker
    Lead Software Engineer & Integration Architect
  • Boomi is an angular stone for our transformation to a more efficient connected digital campus.

    John Parker
    Lead Software Engineer & Integration Architect

How Dell Boomi helped

In just three months, the Cornell Information Technologies (CTI) group migrated all its integration processes from the Middleware on-Prem to Boomi. In Contrast, the University would have required one year to change the integrations to the Middleware platform previously used.

With Boomi, CTI was able to quickly build 37 integrations throughout its hybrid environment from BEST-OF-BREED applications Cloud, and legacy applications on-Prem.

“Boomi is powerful, easier to use, and much more flexible than our previous integration tool,” says Dennis Frederick, a Cornell integration developer. “With the wide set of connectors in Boomi, we can easily integrate almost anything.”

The University is also using Boomi API Management to discover data from legacy applications and supports its modernized cloud and its mobile environment.

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