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Today, customers expect to have a personalized experience when interacting with a brand or any area of an organization. The use of CRM and the correct automation of actions based on data, through an omnichannel strategy, with a 360 view of the customer, will provide your business with what it needs to build exceptional customer journeys capable of making your client fall in love.


Consolidate the information of your leads and customers in the cloud, in a centralized space (CRM). Keep available in real-time and on any device the information of customers, contacts, prospects, and sales opportunities, for your organization.


Use the power of CRM to organize data, obtain predictions, create sales funnels and automate your sales, service, and marketing processes, maximizing the productivity of your team.


Collect information that adds value to your brand, bearing in mind that the most important thing in collecting personalized data from each client is the ability to analyze them in detail to make the right decisions.

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Create successful customer journeys that, through personalized experiences, consolidate your prospects and loyalty to your customers, turning them into ambassadors for your brand.

CRM - partners


We implement and develop products on the Salesforce clouds, applicable to all industries. Business partners since 2014 in the ISV and Consulting categories.


In 2020 SQDM join as a business partner of Vlocity (a Salesforce company) seeking to optimize business results in the Insurance and Telecommunications industries.


The world’s leading platform for CRM cloud solutions

Salesforce is the best-positioned customer relationship management solution in today’s market, allowing companies to carry out cross-sectional management of their sales, services, and marketing areas. Salesforce connects your business with your customers, creating memorable experiences from start to finish.

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Sales Cloud

Salesforce offers greater agility to your company’s sales team, with Sales Cloud achieving smart and effective sales with tools totally in the cloud that would not only help you increase productivity but increase your business profits.

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Einstein para Sales

Make it easy to capture contacts and events directly in the CRM and prioritize the leads and opportunities with the highest conversion probability. Make strategic decisions by making use of sales predictions generated in real-time.

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Service Cloud 

Make your customers fall in love with Service Cloud, provide them with the best service, and increase their satisfaction by offering immediate solutions wherever you are or on any device.

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Einstein para Service

Increase the productivity of your service agents through the implementation of bots, automatic classification of their requests, and the recommendation of the next best action (NBA).

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Marketing Cloud

Design personalized tours for your leads and customers with the most robust digital marketing platform on the market. With Marketing Cloud, have a global vision of your customer and ensure that they receive your message through the right channel at the right time.

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Einstein para Marketing

Understand your customers by analyzing their social interactions and expand your audience by finding similar users. Discover the ideal sequence of events in your customer journeys and rate the likelihood of interaction with your content.


It is the native Salesforce platform that enables the delivery of pre-built solutions to the telecommunications, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, insurance, and healthcare industries.


Vlocity includes omnichannel digital processes, adapted considering regulations, laws, regulations, among other considerations that are taken into account when designing the appropriate solution.

Cloud for the telecommunications industry

ive your customers a personalized and intelligent service experience, better understanding them through artificial intelligence and giving them the autonomy to define their own experience.

Cloud for the insurance industry

Get a complete view of a policy’s lifecycle, including pricing, administration, claims management, and customer service, leveraging Salesforce CRM tools to adapt to change.

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