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We develop any system according to your needs, tailored to your needs.

We can optimally develop any requirement (IT) that is requested. SQDM’s software development cells allow you to simplify administration and reduce your design, training, and maintenance costs. With more than 16 years of designing software tailored to the needs of our clients, we consolidate ourselves as their best technological ally.

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Simplify administration and reduce training and maintenance costs for your systems and employees. Bring benefits and savings to your company.

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Our developers spend valuable time creating specific functions based on development requirements, thus optimizing available resources to achieve your goals.

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SQDM is governed by high-quality standards. We are certified to test and document our own or third-party software, thus ensuring that your product is the desired one and that your investment is protected.

Custom software development

Through custom development, we adapt the software and all the tools (apps) required to solve the need. In short, we create specific functions to solve your needs in the shortest time possible to a positive impact.

Besides having made developments in conventional languages such as; .Net, PHP, Java, among others, we have innovated by advancing the new needs of the digital market-making developments in mobile languages such as iOs or Android. In the same way, we also know technologies such as Angular and other frameworks, making SQDM a competitive company and always oriented towards innovation through the constant training and certification of our developers. Human talent is our greatest asset.

SQDM focuses on the essential: responding to the requirements of each project on time under proven quality standards.

Desarrollo de software a la medida - Desarrollo software

Microsoft, Custom Development Services Partner

Silver Application Development

We are certified by our ally Microsoft in the application development competence, demonstrating solid technical capabilities in the design, development, and supervision of web-based and cloud-based applications.

Gold Data Platform

We position ourselves in the Gold category of the Data Platform competition, consolidating our technical capacity to ensure efficiency in database systems and the protection and classification of data.

We are your IT ally

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