Incorporate a BPM suite into your business processes, do you know what it is?

Businesses and large companies cannot be indifferent to the Digital Transformation that is invading every corner of social and cultural life.

In SQDM we are aware of the reality that surrounds us and therefore for 11 years we have been offering consulting services to sectors such as finance, insurance, fiduciary or telecommunications entities to solve customer relationship management (CRM), carry out the implementation of projects and BPM software (Business Process Management), achieve quality assurance, have platform services in addition to the automation of business processes and implementation with which they can achieve the integration of applications based on service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Additionally, as leaders in the development of successful projects, we must count on the most important manufacturers in the industry, in order to present convincing results. That is why we have a series of resources that translate into advantages that allow us to train and certify our team of consultants and participate in strategic events organized by business partners. All of the above is backed by extensive experience and more than 200,000 hours executed in tests and projects developed for major brands in Colombia.

What is the BPM business discipline?

This discipline is supported by different information technologies that seek to optimize and maximize the operational efficiency of companies with the main objective of improving business processes. To achieve this, SQDM, as a BPM company, has two pillars:

  • Continuous improvement
    Business agility

Our goal is to offer better services to our clients thanks to real-time analysis, agility and efficiency in the development of tools, better possibilities of auditing or mobility, among other possibilities of digital transformation that allow to achieve the control of companies to achieve continuous improvement and adaptation to change. From SQDM we offer the implementation, strategic business consulting of BPM technologies and solutions so that companies that must include the elimination of downtime, automation of manual or repetitive tasks, can achieve the proposed indicators.

Don’t get left behind. It’s time to join the change and redefine yourself.

At the beginning, we mentioned that digital transformation has immersed people and even companies in an environment where everything must be faster, more efficient and accurate. Therefore, you cannot be indifferent and this is the opportunity to rethink processes and define which business models will be part of your company.

SQDM’s experience has allowed us to present technological solutions through the development of successful projects of recognized entities and companies.

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