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University of Sussex

University of Sussex reinvents e-learning with Boomi

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University of Sussex

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General Context

The University of Sussex hopes to redefine digital learning with its “Sussex 2025” strategy, which aims to break the boundaries of educational technology and learning.

As part of this plan, the university is creating a digital campus. Its faculty and 19,000 students in more than 100 countries will gain on-demand access to assessment materials and courses on multiple platforms.

The university is also moving from its legacy platforms. In their place will come a flexible IT infrastructure capable of taking advantage of new opportunities in the future.

Integration Challenges

In the past, the University of Sussex ran a hybrid IT environment that encompassed both legacy on-premises student record systems and a cloud-based virtual learning environment.


This created complications for internal data flows:


  • The legacy system provided critical functions, but lacked visibility into the financial platforms. This made it difficult to understand what was needed from external service providers, such as banks.
  • The university’s databases and data silos were isolated and difficult to combine. This rigidity held back the university’s modernization aspirations.

Business Results

With Boomi’s help, the University of Sussex has achieved two important results:

  • Provide a reliable e-assessment portal for students and teachers that can be updated and accessed in real time from any available platform. After integrating with the student registration system, the portal had no downtime throughout the year.
  • Transfer about 20,000 records every 24 hours from the student management system to the financial database.

Comments on the case

  • With Boomi, we have revitalized the way we deliver teaching and learning.

    Avatar Universidad de Sussex
    Claire Gryce
    Deputy Director of IT Services, University of Sussex
  • Boomi helped us embrace change, create an integration strategy and think about where we want to go.

    Avatar Universidad de Sussex
    Sarah Walker
    Director of Information and Financial Services, University of Sussex

How Boomi helped

Boomi met the university’s data integration needs by:


Enabling its transition to a new cloud-based virtual learning environment from the previous custom open source platform.

Controlling and securing the flow of critical data between the university’s virtual learning environment and the e-assessment site.

Ensure efficient migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud with low-code capabilities and real-time API-based integration.

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