Digital platforms have brought endless opportunities to companies to expand their commercial activity to the virtual field. It has even promoted the creation of other companies focused solely on e-commerce. Whatever the case, every digital venture that involves a sales cycle needs the help of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which is an assistant that...
The relationship between customers and companies has changed over the years and the arrival of digital communication further accentuated this trend in which people not only seek to buy a product or a service, but They are also worried about the experience companies provide them in doing so. Companies prefer to find solutions that help...
Today’s world increasingly accommodates human interactions through virtual spaces. It is a reality that the use of digital platforms is essential in many fields, be it academic, labor, or social, and companies are not alien to this reality. That is why the relationship and customer service through virtual channels is one of the great challenges,...
With the rapid increase in digital channels in human life today, it is almost necessary for companies, like other social sectors, to mutate their activities to the digital field to expand their commercial possibilities. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) emerged as a fundamental tool in these processes of incursion into the digital world, since, thanks to...
Changing customer habits and the use of technology have encouraged a whole new set of CRM tools that can provide faster access to information. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, highlighting customer engagement through social media and how to strengthen a CRM business strategy by paying attention to such channels.
Many companies in recent years – especially SaaS companies – have realized that creating a great software product that can be purchased online and easily deployed from a technical perspective does not necessarily mean that customers will get optimized results when using that product. Moreover, today it’s not only easy to buy and test these...
SQDM shares an article published by TheStreet portal, sharing strategic developments on CRM and artificial intelligence systems. During the week of March 6, Salesforce held a small meeting with less than 60 people at their headquarters in San Francisco.  They announced that Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now available to all of their customers in...
After buying 10 companies in 2016, analysts are keeping an eye on Salesforce’s next move – whether it’s more acquisitions or more integrations.  SQDM shares an article published by the Techtarget portal, which reviews possible avenues for Salesforce and the technologies it has been acquiring.
Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) allows companies to automate and refine their pricing strategies.  Why this can be of benefit to your organization is explained below, as well as a couple of challenges to keep in mind.  Written by Eric Borthwick.
SQDM shares an article published by TechTarget portal where Denis Pombriant, founder of Beagle Research Group, discusses how Salesforce is inventing the future, while Siebel CRM tries to be part of it.  It also discusses how Oracle Siebel is a more versatile and better established product.
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