Every day that passes, human activities in different fields of life have more influence in the digital world, which is why companies and industry, in general, have found in Artificial Intelligence (AI) one of their best allies to perform tasks that optimize quality, reduce execution times and increase profits. The economic development of businesses has...
SQDM shares an article published by TheStreet portal, sharing strategic developments on CRM and artificial intelligence systems. During the week of March 6, Salesforce held a small meeting with less than 60 people at their headquarters in San Francisco.  They announced that Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now available to all of their customers in...
Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) allows companies to automate and refine their pricing strategies.  Why this can be of benefit to your organization is explained below, as well as a couple of challenges to keep in mind.  Written by Eric Borthwick.
SQDM shares an article from Techtarget where the integration of artificial intelligence to CRM systems and the possible understanding and use that dark data can have at the enterprise level is projected.

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