After the rise of new technologies and the amount of information that exists in the cloud, it is necessary for financial institutions, which collect so much information and must save much more, to have systems and software for integrating really secure processes, which maintain under high standards of protection each of the data of all...
SQDM shares an article published in Auraportal’s blog “How to become a Digital Company: Strategy and Technology” written by José Noguera.
Salesforce CPQ in the Service Cloud Expands Data Integration Strategy SQDM shares an article by Eric Borthwick that informs about the new possibilities of customer data integration, available through Salesforce CPQ in the Service Cloud.
“Change is the only constant when talking about software integration” says Rahul Kamdar from TIBCO in his blog about ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6. SQDM celebrates the launch of this technology, created for the digital and cloud age.
Microsoft and General Electric have announced a recent partnership in which GE’s Industrial Internet platform will be made available on the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud.  Through these technologies, companies around the world will be able to bridge the gap between the operational and information technologies that make up the Internet of Industrial Things.
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