Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) enables companies to automate and refine their pricing strategies.  Here’s why this can benefit your organization, as well as a couple of challenges to consider.  Written by Eric Borthwick.
Salesforce plans to integrate HeyWire’s technology into its Services Cloud, opening up a new way of communication between companies and their customers. SQDM shares an article published on the TechTarget portal, detailing how Salesforce expands the reach of its communications to any instance or channel that the customer wants to use.
As the automation of marketing and sales strategies gains importance among today’s companies, SQDM shares an article from the Techtarget portal where they study “Five must-have functions in a marketing automation platform” that exposes criteria to be taken into account when automating such processes.
The demand for software QA experts is high and seems to be growing.  SQDM shares the TechTarget article on QA trends in software development.
Forbes Media has chosen the Oracle Marketing Cloud to take advantage of new digital channels to increase its paid advertising revenue. The scope of information presented by the Oracle Marketing Cloud data management and analysis platform will allow Forbes Media to assist its advertisers in increasing the reach and level of engagement among their audiences.
In an era when media companies are having difficulty monetizing their online visits, the Politico portal is looking at the quality of its visitors, rather than the quantity.
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