Sales managers are continually trying to extract more revenue from sales executives – such tactics, however, can be counterproductive. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal that provides a fresh perspective on that great favorite of IT sales – the forecast.
It is tempting to think that software testers require only technical skills.  Of course, that’s true, but that’s not all.  Jennifer Lent explains what other skills are needed. SQDM shares an article that details key competencies required in software testers.
SQDM shares an article from the IT Knowledge Exchange portal, which invites companies to start thinking and designing the implementation of the Internet of Things in their lines of business. Undoubtedly, the Internet of things is an initiative that has come to stay and is offered in the article below, a practical guide to start...
A key factor in any CRM or sales force automation project is to ensure that the project is planned well in advance.  We share a TechTarget article, which provides an explanation of the requirements, timelines and costs required for the successful execution of a CRM project.
SQDM’s BPM strategy allows the precise measurement of the variables that your automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes. BPM is linked to the performance objectives supported by such business processes and at the same time it addresses the technology used to make...
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