Undeniable is the importance that information systems take for different companies focused on financial services, mining, telecommunications and even those who provide services. That is why the software they use must have very high quality standards that allow the optimal development of the company’s activities, those focused on internal processes or external processes that are...
Although thinking about software testing may represent a redundant and unnecessary action, the reality is that they are so necessary that they are required to ensure the proper functioning of the software and, with it, the support of manufacturing companies that know the importance of this type of verification. Don’t wait for errors to start...
The acquisition of software for the improvement of internal and external processes in companies must be supported by a team of professionals who guarantee and ensure quality or customer relationship management. Do you know how this is possible?
Software testing is difficult enough – but without the right and proper equipment it is utopian to expect accurate results. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, sharing strategic thinking about software testing practices. 
It is tempting to think that software testers require only technical skills.  Of course, that’s true, but that’s not all.  Jennifer Lent explains what other skills are needed. SQDM shares an article that details key competencies required in software testers.
The demand for software QA experts is high and seems to be growing.  SQDM shares the TechTarget article on QA trends in software development.
The statistics published by the American consulting firm Techwell (*Software Testing Profession 2015-2016), in its annual study about the evolution of the Software Testing profession, raise a promising scenario for all those interested in continuing their professional development in this area, with specific topics of specialization that are summarized in
We share the State of Professional Software Testing 2015-2016 – an analysis of survey results collected by the firm Techwell among 529 software professionals, including testers, managers, developers, analysts and consultants and which suggests that the testing profession is not going to disappear; it’s just going to be different.
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