The internet of things benefits the food chain

SQDM shares TechTarget’s article on “IoT applications in the food supply chain”.  

IoT could become an optimizer for the food industry, from production to transport to processing; technologies can improve food safety, opening the possibility of guaranteeing the quality in food shipments along the chain. Furthermore, IoT could soon solve key problems like contamination and delays in food shipments.

With help from the Internet of Things the supply chain taking our food from farm to table could get a whole lot safer. Roger Woehl, Safety- Chain CTO, expects IoT to become mainstream in 2017; he says the next step is to deploy the technology in a predictive mode -flagging areas where a problem is likely to occur. First, the industry will need to have enough data collected and stored and managed, so we can apply machine learning and big data analytics methods.

SQDM’s R&D Area studies practical applications of IoT in different areas and markets. Our customers can expect to soon reap the benefits of such research.

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