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SQDM is an IT company dedicated to offering its customers an exceptional digital experience.

    Staff Augmentation
    Improve the productivity of your work team,
    take advantage of all skills of your employees,
    and hire that special talent that you need.
    Marketing Cloud
    Manage all the information of the
    customers that you need, to offer an
    unforgettable experience
    with Marketing Cloud .
    With Sales Cloud
    You will have effective sales
    and reach your sales goals.
    Experience Cloud
    Design CRM based digital experiences with tools
    that will improve the success of your content.
    Service Cloud
    Increase the customer satisfaction, and
    provide an effective customer service.
    Use artificial intelligence on your processes and make
    the best decisions for your company.

    Benefits of hiring SQDM
    Salesforce Staff Augmentation professional services

    Bilingual Team
    We have a bilingual team, located in Latin America, but do not worry about the schedule, our team shares the same time zones with most of the US.
    Extensive Experience
    We have extensive experience in developing the Salesforce digital ecosystem.

    Our team of professionals have been providing quality service for more than seven years.
    Diverse Knowledge
    Our company has a history of more than 16 years in the technology market and a monitoring of projects in various industries such as telecommunications and insurance, as well as implementation, development and monitoring of solutions such as CRM, Integration, Business Intelligence, among others.
    Competitive Rates
    Our rates are competitive, so you can access our services more easily, and take advantage of all your investment.
    Personalized Services
    Our team is flexible, after researching and defining the objectives to be achieved, we choose the work modality that best suits the proposed activities.
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    Years of experience
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