Financial Services

Build long-term relationships with your clients by providing a unified and memorable financial services experience.


Since 2005 SQDM has delivered Information Technology solutions and professional services to companies from this industry. Our aim has been enabling digital transformation by improving operations, reducing costs, and processing times and providing enhanced experiences.

Offer a different experience with an exceptional service

Integrate in one platform all the interaction channels, like social media, SMS, Website, mail, and other tools to offer an omnichannel service, based on the customer preferences.

Attract customers for life

Bring quality offers of products, services and solutions of business with all the knowledge of the customer profile, and their preferences.

Take advantage of your data to have success closes

With smart algorithms, help your advisers to identify new opportunities, to attract new prospects and become them as customers

Incorporate artificial intelligence on your process

Use Artificial Intelligence to make anticipated decisions, make your customers more loyal, and your employees more productive.

The financial services industry faces new generations that prefer complete digital experiences and disruptive business models that financial technology has brought and that offer new services and products. SQDM provides technological solutions that respond to these new demands by focusing on innovation in the operating model, increasing efficiency and improving risk management, prioritizing offering a complete digital experience

Why is SQDM your ally?


SQDM, as a strategic partner, helps banks to project the future of their businesses and execute strategies that allow their digital transformation. We seek that the Open Banking model is adopted in our market and that it benefits users.


Our implementations in Banking have included multiple aspects of the financial business, including advanced Digital Marketing solutions, Origination Processes, Collection Management, 360 Centralization of the Client Profile, and others.


We have a unique combination of experience, industry knowledge and technical depth, which makes us an ally for the Financial Sector.


The challenge of fintech companies is given by aligning themselves more and more with the model of so-called solidarity capitalism, where financial institutions play a fundamental role as actors of social responsibility and generators of opportunities for the community and the individual, without forgetting maintaining the profitability standards that markets impose, objectives that are achieved with technology.


For this reason SQDM has designed a marketing solution that allows them to get to know their needs and attract customers at the right time towards an offer of products that fit to your individual aspirations, generating value through the right channel, with an attractive offer, more personalized and at the right time.

Our experience in this industry assures you a quality experience

The implementation of artificial intelligence on the financial industry offers a lot of benefits, for both the business and the customers.


The market is always changing, that is why the technological services that SQDM has for you are important, keep your business connected and updated, and attract new loyal customers.