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Learn about outsourcing business processes: IT Staffing

For some companies that are looking for advice or help with the technological projects , it is hard to choose a service, Staff augmentation vs consulting, there is a little definition of consulting.

Consulting is a service that is based on an advisory from the professional or specialist on technological applications or services, with the objective to find solutions to the problems of the company or identify the technological needs of the company. One of the benefits to acquiring a consulting service is that the companies find it to improve the innovation, take advantage of the abilities of the professionals that already work in the company, learn new work methodologies and tools.

There is the important difference between Staff augmentation vs consulting, the staff augmentation is part of the outsourcing business processes, where you can count with the skills of the professionals, you do not have to worry about finding the talent, specific skills, or build an strategy in a field that your company does not have the experience, the only that you have to find is a IT staffing agency. 

The consulting service is based on the business processes improvement, that is to say, the consulting service fits better for those companies that already have a technological team, do an outsourcing for IT and want to know more about technological areas or have some knowledge about the technological area that can explode.  

On the other hand, the IT Staffing service is a tool of talent management that was born from the necessity of the business to have a complete IT team for short terms with the objective to reach the digital transformation and develop technological projects, in the case of SQDM projects based on Salesforce.

To better understand the concept, we recommend you to know the meaning of staff augmentation.

It is important for any company to know when they need an IT staffing company. There are some points that let you know that you require these services.

  • If you do not find the right technological talent or you do not have some special skills to develop your projects.
  • If your team is full of activities and they need support.
  • If your company needs to optimize the budget.
  • If your company does not have enough experience in the technological field and want to develop a technological project.

The IT staffing service is a good choice for a lot of companies that are not completely dedicated to offer products or services based on technology or those companies that need extra talent to develop some of their projects. 

Benefits of hiring a IT staffing company or a staffing agency

  • Close the skills gap inside the company with the specialized knowledge of the talent of the IT staffing company.
  • Save the hiring, training and staff retention costs.
  • The staff augmentation helps to improve the operative efficiency and have flexible work platforms.
  • Specialized teams to improve the user experience.
  • Focus on the right activities, delegate the secondary activities to other teams.

If you are not completely concerned about hiring an IT staffing company and the business process improvement bpi, remember that this is part of a big step inside the digital transformation and faster development of your technological projects.

Why is it important to start the digital transformation of your company?

  • Access to the upgrades of the technology to improve the growth of the company, with a complete technological team that will get closer your company to the technological advances.
  • With more hands working, you will have a growth in the productivity inside the company.
  • When you have a specialized team, you are assured that the service will be developed with the best practices and the result will have the best quality.
  • Fast reaction to the changes of the market, with the professional team at your disposal, the working methodology is flexible and agile.

One of the most popular steps to the digital transformation is to aplicate business intelligence strategies. Many companies that outsource have business intelligence strategies, where they can:

  • Entrance to new markets
  • Financial control
  • Costs optimization
  • Production planification
  • Customer profile analysis

If you want to know more about the digital transformation, or strategies that will increase the growth of your business, you can go to our blog and learn more about it.

Remember that SQDM offers you a quality IT Staffing and Outsourcing that you can add to your strategies to develop Salesforce projects faster or start to implement it.  




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