SQDM is the Salesforce implementation partner that you are looking for

Take advantage of the agility of our implementation team, with the Salesforce´s experts you will have a good experience on this important step to the digital transformation of your company. Know all the benefits of adding Salesforce to your company, we study your case and do a personalized implementation.

    Benefits of the Salesforce implementation

    Take advantage of the implementation of Salesforce, get better customer service, unified your teams and facilitate the access to the customer information.

    It is a flexible solution, since it accommodates the growth of the company.

    It generates insights in a faster and more agile way.

    Integrate the departments involved in the customer service experience.

    Automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity.

    Centralize the information in a single application that is updated in real time.

    Access your customers from any device.

    Record all interactions with customers to know what the entire user journey is like.

    Organize contact and all your customer data in one place.

    What make us different?

    We are specialists in this clouds

    Salesforce offers you greater agility to your company sales team, with Sales Cloud. This customizable sales platform helps you achieve smart and effective sales with tools totally in the cloud that will not only help you increase productivity, but increase the profits of your business.

    Use this platform to foster customer relationships and close deals.

    With Sales Cloud, manage contacts, make a sales forecast, automate processes, apply a mobile CRM model and increase the productivity of your salespeople by 32%.

    Make your clients fall in love with Service Cloud, provide them with the best service and increase their satisfaction, managing to offer immediate solutions in any place or device where they are.

    Quickly solve problems and personalize interaction with each customer from anywhere.

    Since it is based on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, the employee can access data from other Salesforce platforms from the cloud.

    This tool will help you get to know your customers better. Design personalized tours for your leads and clients, with the most robust digital marketing platform on the market. With Marketing Cloud you have a global vision of your client and guarantee that they receive your message through the right channel at the right time.

    With the information you collect from all interactions, create complete and more functional reports.

    Increase 30% of ROI and other benefits.

    It makes it easy to capture contacts and events directly in the CRM and prioritize the leads and opportunities with the highest conversion probability. Make strategic decisions using sales predictions generated in real time.

    Increase the productivity of your service agents by implementing bots, automatically classifying your requests, and recommending a successful next action. (NBA).

    Understand your customers by analyzing their social interactions and expand your audience by finding similar users. Discover the ideal sequence of events in your customer journeys and rate the probability of interaction with your content.

    Which service suits your needs?

    We want you to understand the differences between Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing services, so that you can better identify which service best suits the needs of your company

    Staff Augmentation

    With this model you have much more control over the projects you want to develop, since you have the ability to manage the work of developers, engineers, etc. that you hire.

    You know that this model fits your needs if:

    • In the process of developing your project, you realize that your IT development team does not have a specific skill that is key to continue.
    • You want your company’s response capacity to be greater and more effective, while you carry out the project.
    • If you don’t have a team for engineering, development, etc. of IT, but you do not need their service permanently.

    IT Outsourcing

    In this service, you leave the management of the personnel assigned to your project and its delivery in the hands of our company, that is, we are in charge of presenting favorable results in the development of that activity you need.

    Consider purchasing this service if:

    • In your company there is no area or work team dedicated to software or IT development.
    • If your company has an IT development team, but the professionals do not have a specific skill, which is important for the correct development of the project.
    • If the value of the product or service under development is a vital factor, and your development team cannot guarantee it.

    Our customer Reviews

    salesforce implementation partner

    "They’ve really exceed our expectations and over delivered in several areas."

    salesforce implementation partner

    "The SQDM team have been incredible partners to our business - they have customized Salesforce to our exact specifications."

    salesforce implementation partner

    "Excellent project management, timely communication of adjustments to the original plan, worked with our budget, very responsive."

    salesforce implementation partner

    "SQDM and its members learned very quickly about how Skyworks uses Salesforce. I am excited to work with this team."