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We are professionals who develop technological platforms that benefit your company, improve productivity and increase sales.

Our personalized services, and staffing solutions, can enhance communications between departments, improve customer service, and streamline your company’s organization.

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    Benefits of the Salesforce Implementation

    Salesforce, as a CRM tool is a flexible solution accomodates the growth of the company.

    It generates insights in a faster and more agile way.

    Integrate the departments involved in the customer service experience, integrations in Salesforce are very succesful.

    The information is centralized in a single application that is updated in real time.

    Improve customer service strategy and give recommendations of new actions.

    Record all interactions with customers to get a deeper understanding of the entire user journey.

    Automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity.

    Organize all your customer data in one place. Create a full community in Salesforce.

    We are specialists in this clouds

    Sales Cloud in Salesforce
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    Salesforce offers you greater agility for your company sales team with Sales Cloud. This customizable sales platform helps you achieve smart and effective sales with tools totally in the cloud that will not only help you increase productivity, but increase the profits of your business.

    Use this platform to foster customer relationships, improving customer experience and close deals.

    With Sales Cloud, manage contacts, make a sales forecast, automate processes, apply a mobile CRM model and increase the productivity of your sales team. 
    Salesforce Service Cloud
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    Make your clients fall in love with Service Cloud, provide them with the best service and increase their satisfaction, managing to offer immediate solutions in any place or device where they are, reaching goals of Quickly solve problems and personalize interaction with each customer from anywhere. Since it is based on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, the employee can access data from other Salesforce platforms from the cloud and create a complete customer experience strategies.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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    With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a CRM with marketing automation functions, you can automate many actions of B2B marketing. This platform supports many facets of marketing including multi-channel campaign execution, dynamic customer journeys, pre- and post-campaign analytics, social media engagement & advertising, and a data management platform. It has an intuitive interface that makes real time monitoring of your campaigns simple. Marketing with Salesforce is easier!
    Salesforce Einstein for Sales
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    Sales Cloud Einstein automates data entry and predictive analysis so you can make every selling moment count. 

    Now your sales team can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, buying habits, support queries, and more. This knowledge allows your team to make smarter moves and provide a superior customer experience.
    Salesforce Einstein for Service
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    Understand your customers by analyzing their social interactions and expand your audience by finding similar users. Discover the ideal sequence of events in your customer journeys and rate the probability of interaction with your content. Build an effective and complete customer services strategy.
    Salesforce Einstein for Marketing
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    Use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) of software Salesforce, to understand your customers' engagement and behavior so you can personalize every interaction.

    It includes omnichannel digital processes, adapted considering regulations, laws, among other considerations that are taken into account when designing the appropriate. solution.

    Which service suits your needs?

    We want you to understand the differences between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing of IT services, so that you can better identify which service best suits the needs of your company at the moment you want to do the implementation of Salesforce.

    Staff Augmentation

    With this model you have much more control over the projects you want to develop, since you have the ability to manage the work of developers, engineers, etc. that you hire.

    You know that IT staffing service fits your needs if:

    • You realize that your IT team does not have a specific skill that is key to developing your project.
    • You want your company’s response capacity to be greater and more effective, while you carry out the project.
    • You don’t have an engineering, development, or IT team because you don’t consistently need them.

    IT Outsourcing

    Use our company to handle information technology functions such as software development, software support, and infrastructure solutions.

    Consider using this service if:

    • Your company has no dedicated software or IT development team.
    • Your IT team does not have a specific skill that is needed for the development of a project.
    • You want to dedicate time and resources to growing your company.

    We have the talent, you enjoy the benefits

    SQDM is an IT staffing company that wants to be part of the growth and development of your company. We guarantee that we will focus on your projects with the utmost professionalism. We have a team of well-trained tech professionals with varied abilities & certifications who can handle tasks of all sizes, all under our Salesforce outsourcing service.

    If you don’t need a permanent contract, you can contact us on a project basis, we are staffing partners with the Salesforce specialists team.