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Staff augmentation vs consulting in companies

It is normal that companies start to implement new and very useful softwares, or emerging technologies that can improve productivity and help to save money inside of the company, but the truth is that the transition or the digital transformation, could be complicated, even more if the company does not have a team destined to this activity.

That is to say, a complete IT company, even if it has one, sometimes the softwares represent some obstacles on the normal functions inside the company, and the teams need third observation to solve it. Here is where consulting service starts.       

What is the IT consulting service? 

In general, consulting is a specialized service that aims to guide a company that is experiencing some type of specific problem and that cannot solve it on its own, for this reason, it is normally to hire an external professional.

The consulting service provide to the companies a third view of the technological obstacles that they can have, work starting to the professionalism of the consultant, and metodologies that ensure realistic and effective solutions to the problems that the companies has.

In this case, we will focus on the IT consulting service. 

IT consulting is a service that some companies offer to explain and give advice to others to teach or give advice of the new technologies or how to use the current technologies that they already have or are starting to implement.

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The first service is to informate, but sometimes the consultant presents extra services like the management, installation, and administration of the new platforms to the hiring company under the outsourcing or IT Staffing service. 

Benefits of this service

  • Increase the productivity of the teams.
  • Improve the digital security of the company.
  • Better analysis of the technological obstacles inside of the company.
  • Take advantage of all the potential of the softwares or technologies implemented in the company.
  • Agilize the evolution and adaptation to the technology of the company.

What does a consultant do?

In general,the consultant collects and analize the information, detects the obstacles inside the company, and makes recommendations to solve it, following the main objectives of the compaby. Also, and deppending of the type of service that the company hires.

A good consultant:

  • Do a lot of questions and offer functional solutions.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the software or technology that is managing.
  • Have a large analysis capability.

The objctive of a consultant is to take a responsibility that must be fulfilled, reaching the objectives presented from the hiring company, and withou exeed the budget.

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How is the consulting process?

First, it is important that the hiring company find the correct professional to solve the problem, the tip is to find an expert of the software or technology that represents the obstacle. 

Then, it is important to identify the ideal consulting service that you need, for example, a consulting analyst, that just gives you advice about the obstacle, or management consulting service, where the professional supervises and directs the changes and the upgrade of the softwares or technologies.  

Now you hire the perfect professional and the service that fits perfectly with your needs, the consultant does a deep analysis of the situation of your company or, if it is the case, the IT department and the software or technology of the company.

After the analysis, the consultant creates a complete report of the situation of the company, and offers the solutions that the company can apply, one of the main objectives of the consultory is the efficiency of the budget destined to solve the problem, this in case of the consulting analyst.

In case of the management consulting service, after the report, the professional creates an action plan that will be approved by the hiring company to start.

In case that the company does not have an IT team, it can access IT staffing solutions, to successfully complete the consulting process.

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