For some time now, companies have realized that Artificial Intelligence has a real impact on business, since it promises improvements in efficiency and personalization in different processes. SQDM, as an expert company that provides customized software development and counts on Salesforce solutions, talks to you about it so that you can count on the best...
SQDM shares an article published by TheStreet portal, sharing strategic advances on CRM and artificial intelligence systems. During the week of March 6, Salesforce held a small meeting with less than 60 people at its main office in San Francisco.  They announced that Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now available to all of their sales,...
SQDM shares a Techtarget article where the integration of artificial intelligence to CRM systems is projected and the possible understanding and use that dark data can have at a business level.
The change management implemented by SQDM is part of a service transition process that makes up the general model of IT Service Management. The main objective is to minimize risks in the operation, guaranteeing the continuity and availability of IT services when implementing any type of change in the applications and/or infrastructure of an organization.
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